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3 Best Diet Meal Delivery Programs for REAL Weight Loss

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In a world where packed food is readily available for you to devour, it may become hard to swallow the fact that these processed food cause damage to the body than compared to what their nutrient values may do good. One of the main reasons for weight gain is the fact that we do not really have time to cook proper meals at home or actually plan a meal in advance. This leads to unplanned moments where you are hungry and do not have enough time to cook a proper meal for you and rely on packaged food. The ultimate result? Weight gain.

This is when meal delivery programs come in picture. They not only fill your stomach but they also help you in losing weight.

Meal delivery programs can save you tons of money and help you in maintaining good health. The meal delivery programs are formulated considering factors that affect your physiology as well as psychology. Good food excites everyone after all. If you are trying (or even planning) to lose some weight, here is an article that can help you in attaining your desired weight just by eating at home.

3 Best Diet Meal Delivery Programs for REAL Weigh Loss:

  1. NutriSystem Fresh Start:


NutriSystem has been in the meal delivery market for decades and it has time and again proved itself to be the best. This meal delivery company focuses on providing your body with nutrients that they might not get otherwise. During its decade long existence, the company developed meal packages that target weight loss. Amazingly, their meals are super easy to make and once get a hang of it, following their designed diet plans is sure to keep episodes of weight gain at bay. This meal delivery program gets you to the habit of eating healthy and keeping excessive weight at bay.

fresh start

Why NutriSystem Fresh Start is worth having?

  • Lose Weight without getting sick:The meal program has been formulated keeping every factor that governs weight loss in mind. This way, you lose weight in a measured and assured way.
  • Improves your health:The Nutrisystem Program aims at providing all nutrients that the body needs for proper functioning. This way, you not only lose weight but also can witness improvement in your overall health.
  • Gets you full of Energy: As you start eating right, you will experience that you have more energy than you ever used to have. With bouts of energy in you, you will experience being in good mood as well.
  • It is easy to follow:The meal packages come with simple and easy to understand instruction and recipes that you can follow easily every time you cook.
  • The meal program is affordable:With packages starting at 300$ a month, the program is cheap on the pocket.
  • Chef created meals: The meals are not just basic recipes. Each recipe belongs to a well-renowned chef and this ensures you eat quality food that is tasty as well.

Plans offered by NutriSystem:

NutriSystem offers four different kind of plans that you can select from.

These four plans are:

Basic: The plan contains easy to follow four-week plan that is packed with deliciously healthy meals. Also, you do not pay for shipping charges at all.

Core: You can choose your own meals  (from a list of 100 recipes) that you want in your subscription. You get access to counselors, dietitians, tools and  trackers as well.

Uniquely Yours:  You get to chose your own meals (from 160+ recipes) that you want in your subscription. Get access to counselors, dietitians, tools and  trackers as well. You can enjoy food from both the frozen as well the unfrozen section.

Uniquely yours plus: You get to select from 28 available variants of shakes. You will access to counselors, dietitians, tools and  trackers as well. More than that, you can select your meals from 160+ available recipes.

The other available plans are:

Pros of getting NutriSystem Fresh Start subscription are:

  • The meals are balanced perfectly to turn on the fat-burning mode in your body
  • The meals are going to be rich in fiber and protein. This way, you will be feeling full throughout the day
  • There is absolutely zero presence of artificial colors or flavors. Everything is natural and healthy
  • The recipes are designed by well renowned chefs and thus, you are surely not going to get bored of the meals you receive
  • They meals are easy to cook and do not require much time
  • There are 28 smoothie variants to pick from, which is great considering one smoothie flavor may become monotonous
  • Hundreds of recipes to chose from, this means, you will never get bored of eating their meals program
  • You will be losing weight without feeling week or falling sick

Cons of getting NutriSystem Fresh Start subscription are:

  • If you end up skipping one time meal, you may experience food wastage

Want your subscription? Get it here:

  1. Smart for Life Meal Plans:

The Smart for Life Meal Plans aims to make you follow a diet plan that can burn as much as 3,500 calories or about one pound in a day. The meal plan has been designed by Dr. Sasson Moulavi who is a Bariatric Physician with over two decades of experience. The diet plan has been designed to burn fat and make you live a more healthy and sustainable life.

smart life

Why Smart for Life Meal Plans are worth trying;

Many scientific as well as medical research have clearly shown the fact that eating small and multiple meals with at least 5 grams of protein in them, good amount of complex carbohydrates, and fats just the way people should eat.

Following such a diet meal plan will not only help in managing weight but it will also improve your health. The Smart for Life Program was created so that it can help you to easily follow guidelines that cause weight loss by offering healthy, pre-portioned meals that are highly convenient, and do not require cooking, and yet taste amazing.

Since you will be eating multiple small meals that are high in both, protein and as well as fiber, you will not experience hunger like you would otherwise experience with any other weight loss diet.

Plans offered by Smart for Life Meal Plans:

The Smart for Life Meal Plans Diet Products include the following:

The Smart for Life program has been created by physicians such that you develop control over your hunger meanwhile providing the providing the body with proper nutrition and quick & safe, results in the form of weight loss.


Pros of getting Smart for Life Meal Plans subscription are:

  • The meal plans are very diverse and they aim at losing weight in least number of days without making you sick
  • Their are options like cookies, bars and cupcakes available
  • You get soups as well that are rich in protein and fibers
  • This diet helps you in maintaining weight by cultivating the habit of controlling hunger
  • The diet actively burns fat that has been on the body for ages
  • You can get gluten free diet plans as well

Cons of getting Smart for Life Meal Plans subscription are:

  • It takes 21 days for a good habit to form and for the same reason, it will not be beneficial to opt for 1 week or under plans

Get your Smart for Life Meal Plans subscription from here:  

  1. South Beach Diet:

south beach diet

The South Beach Diet (the eating plan) has all its focus on ‘real food, including nutrient-rich, high-fiber carbohydrates; lean sources of protein; good unsaturated fats; and low-fat dairy.’ By following the diet plan, you can learn the importance of eating good food that is not just healthy but also tasty. The diet plan consists of six meals a day routine starting early morning breakfast till the night.

Why South Beach Diet Plan is worth trying:

In the South Beach Diet, the diet has been divided in three phases:

The first phase of the diet meal plan involves a maximized elimination of all sort of carbs for two weeks. Things like white rice and baked goods are out, but so are some natural and healthy-in-all-season sources like fruits. This process is designed to help a person get rid of all form of sugar cravings and also catalyze “early rapid weight loss” which eventually works as an inspiration to the dieting person so that they stick with the plan.

The second phase includes the slow re-introduction of foods like whole grains. This administration goes on until the person’s goal weight is reached.

The third phase is when the diet takes form of lifestyle. This inculcation helps the body to maintain the desired weight over long period of time.

Plans offered by South Beach Diet Plan:

Silver Plan: The silver pack offers 4-week meal plan that comes with recipes for delicious food that you can have throughout the day. Free delivery available.

Golden Plan: The Golden plan offers meals that can fill your stomach throughout the day. You get to select meal recipes from the chef’s list. Moreover, you get a wider range of snacks to munch on. Free delivery for sure.

Platinum Plan: The Platinum plan offers meals that have been created by chefs for the weight loss diet plan. You get a variety of snacks to munch on and 20+ shakes that are based on keto-friendly diet. Free delivery without doubt.

southbeach diet

Pros of getting South Beach Diet Plan subscription are:

  • The meals are balanced so that they turn on the fat-burning mode in the body
  • The meals are rich in fiber and protein. This way, you will be feeling full throughout the day and will not have the urge to munch in-between
  • The diet plan is well structured in three parts that makes it immensely easy for the body to adopt to
  • The menu is vivid and you can pick which preparation you prefer the most and how frequently you wish to have it
  • The availability of snacks and shakes makes the over-all ‘just want to munch something’ phase interesting as well as healthy
  • The meal plans are quite affordable

Cons of getting South Beach Diet Plan subscription are:

  • It may take some time for the consumer to get used to phase 1.

Get your South Beach Diet Plan subscription from here:

How meal plans really help in losing weight?

It may initially sound weird comparing eating and losing weight. This is because many of us live under this false assumption that starving ourselves till we reach that mark on the weighing scale is the last resort to losing weight while at home. This is a very wrong practice and is very unhealthy as well.

It is important to understand that getting rid of those extra kilos is possible without having to starve yourself. The diet meal plans have been in history for pretty long now and it comes with no surprise that these meal plans actually can have an impact on your overall eating habit. The only important thing that we need to learn is that, we can lose weight while eating healthy meals.

The meal plans in the article are amazing when it comes to losing weight. They are well planned and are practical. They do not devoid your body off nutrients and in fact it ensures your body is working properly.

Go for the meal plan that does not scare you and you get the ‘I can follow this’ vibes from it. Listening to your body should be your priority, other sounds come later.

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