Internet Services You Should Try in 2024

We all love the Internet, don’t we? Sure it has its issues and can be a little too addicting, but overall, the benefits tend to significantly outweigh the costs. The Internet allows us to be more connected with loved ones than ever through social media and video call apps. It also helps us do our jobs more effectively, schedule events, track finances, and keep up with fitness goals.

With well over a billion unique websites currently live, your experiences of the Internet make up the tiniest percentage of what is out there. That means there are tons of tools and services that you probably don’t know about and never will.

This article is here to make that percentage just a little bit larger. So many services that can make life easier or more interesting exist online, so let’s talk about some that you should try out in 2024.

High-Yield Savings Accounts

Most people keep their money in traditional banks. These institutions have existed for centuries, and even if they adopt modern technologies like mobile apps for users to track their finances, they are still traditional in how they operate. Thanks to the Internet, newer banking institutions that are completely online have come into existence. In many cases, online banking companies can offer products known as high-yield savings accounts. Typically, the money in a traditional savings account may grow very slowly due to interest. These online services, on the other hand, have much higher interest rates, so your savings can grow faster, and in many cases, there are fewer maintenance fees.

Interior Design Tools

When you own a home, investing in upgrades can make the space more functional and visually appealing. However, planning the upgrade is sometimes challenging when you have a hard time visualizing the changes. What if the colors or materials you pick clash with the rest of the interiors? Fortunately, there are many tools that you can use for computer-aided design. Customize the changes you want and see how they would look as a finished product. You can even integrate these images with photos of your home to see how they mesh together.


Do you like learning about subjects by discussing them with others who are passionate about them? Do you need an outlet to nerd out about computers or another topic through unregulated conversations? Then you need to try out Usenet. Usenet is technically outside of the Internet since it is hosted on its own network of global servers. To access Usenet, you need an account with a low-cost Usenet provider as well as a newsreader program. Once you are set up with these tools, you can search for newsgroups on the topics you care about. Within these newsgroups, you can safely and quickly download articles from other users to learn more about the subject as well. This could be the perfect outlet for a hobby you have when you have no one else to talk about it with.

Password Saver

In the age of the Internet, we all have a lot of accounts that require passwords. Often, the temptation to use the same password for many different services leads to greater risk. If one password is cracked, then a whole slew of Internet accounts may become vulnerable to hackers or identity thieves. If the concern is forgetting all your passwords if you change them up, then fear no more. A service like LastPass lets you record all your passwords, organize them, and secure them online. Then, you can access them through the Internet. Now, you can worry much less about forgetting passwords while still improving your security online.

Investing Platforms

Ever wanted to improve your financial outlook? One way to do so is through investing, and the Internet has made that much easier. You could use a simple app like Acorns that rounds up all your purchases to the nearest dollar and automatically invests whatever that amount is. You could trade stocks right from your phone or computer with other applications like Robin Hood or Fidelity Investments. Want to invest in a mutual fund or REIT? You can easily do so via the Internet. Many investing strategies are at your fingertips through the Internet so you can start planning for a brighter future.

These Simple Tricks Could Change Your Life

Okay, maybe joining a new discussion forum is not going to alter the direction of your life, but it could certainly improve it by providing an outlet for your hobby. A high-yield savings account or investment platform can help you plan for a better financial future. Interior design services can ensure the upgrades you are planning will be worth the investment. A password saver will let you create unique passwords for greater online security without running the risk of forgetting them all. Take advantage of these internet services and experience the benefits they bring in 2024.

Diane McGee

Diane enjoys cooking, reading, and writing at her desk. She loves to let her words captivate the world and writes regularly for online publications. Diane also enjoys teaching kids during her free time.
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