8 Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Boutiques

Whether you want to run a clothing boutique store at a physical location, online, or maybe both, it is important to have reliable sources for clothing. To save money and not overcharge your customers, it is best to look at wholesale clothing vendors.

However, you have to make sure you have a reputable company or set of companies, to make sure you get orders on time and clothes that are high-quality. Thankfully, there are plenty of wholesale clothing vendors for boutiques that can be trusted to be a good start for your company.

8 Wholesale Clothing Vendors for Boutiques

1. Sugarlips


Image source: Sugarlips

Sugarlips is a big company. They are vendors for big brands like Macy’s and Urban Outfitters. They have a variety of different clothes focused on women, and you can pick and choose from several categories to get a mix of what works for you.

They focus on affordable prices for fashionable clothing, so you can offer lower-cost items to hit a wider range of customers while still being sure that they are getting a good product. They also offer a wide range of color options so you can browse a variety even in the same design.

They are also constantly innovating and coming out with new designs and fashion statements, so you can rotate stock as frequently as you want to keep your regulars coming back for more.

They even have options for bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses so you can offer a wider selection than competitors.

Any orders over $49 are free to ship, and they have excellent customer service and easy returns so if you aren’t happy with selling something in your boutique, you can get the situation resolved quickly.

2. Parisian


Image source: Parisianfashion

Parisian Wholesale is based in the United Kingdom and offers outfits that are more of a power style, including jumpsuits, blazers, and tops. However, they also offer beautiful and elegant dresses.

They update their stock weekly to keep up with styles, seasons, and trends. Some of their products are as little as $10, which can be a great way to buy a lot of products to fill up your store for cheap.

However, they do have specific limits on how much and how little you can buy, so it may be too much for a small business when first getting started. However, they do a lot of sales, especially on clothing going out of season or off of the site to make room for new products, so you can often get a large amount of clothing for relatively cheap if you pay attention.

If you live in the UK, you also have an additional 20% tax fee, which can make the prices higher than they initially appear. However, outside of the UK, there isn’t that large fee, and orders get shipped out the same day for quick delivery. Shipping is usually around $40 to start but goes up by $15 for every 11 pounds past 22 pounds of clothing that you purchase.

3. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Image source: Bloomwholesale

Bloom Wholesale is a great option if you want a long-term company that will work with you as you grow. They require no minimum ordering, and you can easily return any product that you don’t like with a small restocking fee.

While there is no minimum order, if you purchase products that total over $400, you do get free shipping. However, shipping isn’t too expensive, with a flat fee of under $10. They will send to anywhere in the United States, so no matter if you are in a small town or major city, you can be sure that you can get your order.

Bloom focuses on more casual clothing, such as blouses, dresses, and pants. Bloom is based out of Los Angeles, California and they change their clothes to match those styles. They also release new clothes and styles weekly to offer unique options.

They offer a variety of sizes, including plus sizes, so you can easily cater to all of your clients.

4. She + Sky

She + Sky

Image source: Sheandsky

She + Sky also goes under Ya Los Angeles. They work hard to offer unique but fashion-forward clothing and focus on eclectic styles. They pride themselves on long-term clients so they go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy.

They offer a variety of tops, sweaters, dresses, bottoms, and outerwear, so you can sell many different clothing styles to your customers and bring everyone in. Styles are updated daily, so you can check in at any time to see new stock.

To purchase, you have to look at six pieces per style per color, so in orders of 2-2-2, or 3-3. They offer sizes ranging from small to 2XL.

This one isn’t ideal for small boutiques right now, as they mostly focus on large retail companies, but you may be able to contact She + Sky to figure out more.

5. Magnolia Wholesale

Magnolia Wholesale

Image source: Magnoliafashionwholesale

If you want items like suits, swimwear, and dresses, Magnolia Fashion Wholesale may be a good option for you. This store is unique, focusing on fashion and art styles from Miami. This vendor also sells in packs, so you can’t just buy one or two pieces.

They also do not offer dropshipping. They need a physical location to ship to. They do ship in as little as 2 to 3 days for US orders, and can do shipments to over 80 countries.

They are a relatively new company, only being around for about 4 years. They focus on quality and fashion over everything else so it is comfortable and durable.

They even offer specific holiday clothing, such as options for Christmas, in addition to seasonal and current fashion trends.

6. Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Image source: Tashaapparel

Tasha Apparel is another US-based company. They offer a lot of different styles, and huge discounts to help people get started. Some of their prices may be as much as 80% below even traditional wholesale clothing prices.

They offer a mix of cute, fashionable, and cozy options to get a variety of clients into your store.

They are focused on helping their boutiques. In addition to no minimum order amounts, they offer bulk rates and shopping, dropshipping, and allow retailers to use images from their website to promote their products so boutiques have professional pictures to use on online websites or as a poster to bring in new clients.

Their flat-rate shipping is just under $10, but the shipping is free for any order over $300.

7. Judson


Image source: Judson

Judson offers more than just clothes. They also have fashion jewelry, accessories, and more. This is a great wholesale company to use to add a bit more depth to your boutique. They want to help the retail workers that use their company to grow and thrive.

To do so, they provide services such as volume pricing, international orders, quality merchandise, and same-day shipping on orders. They are continually growing and improving and helping retailers do the same.

If you want a mix of athletic clothing, pants, tops, dresses, beachwear, loungewear, and even college wear, Judson’s is a great option. Find clothing that fits your store’s niche, and get the accessories to match.

8. Cherish


Image source: Shopcherish

Cherish is based in Los Angeles. They work with international and local companies so that there is a broad range of products for any potential retailers that want to work with them.

Their clothes are cute enough to feature in any boutique but are also more focused on the casual aspect, to fit more clients and customers. From simple and comfy jumpers to rompers perfect for a day out, you can find something that works well for your business on their site.

Their website is a little basic, so it can be hard to find out more about them and get specific information or questions answered, but they do have the option to contact them if you do think you want to push forward with working with them.

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