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15 Turkish Clothing Brands That You Should Definitely Know Of

Nestled between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Turkey’s unique placement boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world and a melting pot of haute couture.

Inspired by the cultures of the east and west and with a rich cultural history, Turkey has found its place on the world map as a leading fashion destination that has inspired designers worldwide. In fact, its apparel industry is a top contributor to the country’s economy and houses over 77,000 clothing brands.

Historically, clothing and textiles have been at the core of Turkey’s industrial activities for centuries, and their influence on the fashion industry on the global runway prevails.

Here are some of the best Turkish clothing brands to look out for.

1. Siedrés

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Founded by a husband and wife duo, Siedrés is an Istanbul-based fashion line that was founded by Ceylin Türkkan Bilge and her husband Emir Bilge in October 2019. The brand succeeded overnight with its timeless silhouettes, vibrant prints, and bold fashion pieces for men and women.

Siedrés is known for much more than its apparel; it is renowned for the rich lifestyle it promotes.

2. Les Benjamins

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A luxury streetwear brand in the heart of Istanbul, Les Benjamins is a beautiful harmony of modern graphic design and streetwear. Its founder, designer Bunyamin Aydin, is known for his impeccable talent for bringing unique, innovative design to high-quality materials. The brand offers a wide range of apparel, such as clothing, footwear, accessories, and more.

However, the bold modern art on all its products is the hallmark of the brand’s signature touch and contribution to the Turkish fashion industry. However, the attention to detail and strong advocacy for sustainable sourcing and ethical production have made Les Benjamins the preferred brand, with a growing global following, and it has received notable recognition for its beliefs.

3. Beymen

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A high-end luxury clothing brand, Beymen is known for its signature clothing pieces and accessories. Founded in 1971, the brand has several stores in Istanbul, with its flagship store in the famous Nisantasi fashion district. Its commitment to quality and craftsmanship is consistently observed in its clothing masterpieces each season, including suits, dresses, and more.

4. Network

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One of the most popular clothing brands in the country, Network was founded in 1984. Acknowledged for its high-quality fabrics and timeless clothing pieces, the brand’s collections have received overwhelming attention on the global market.

It offers a wide range of clothing for men and women, including dresses, suits, and blouses.

5. Vakko

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Vakko was founded in Istanbul in 1934, making it one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the country and the world. Known for its luxurious fabrics and elegant designs, Vakko offers various clothing styles for suits, dresses, and outerwear.

It received such exponential growth that Vakko now has stores in the U.S., Russia, and Qatar.

6. Mehtap Elaidi

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Another creative who dreamed of a clothing boutique, Mehtap Elaidi’s road to fashion success was long, winding, and gratifying. Overcoming several challenges to living the dream of being a full-time designer, Elaidi’s tenacity prevailed, and she launched her namesake label Mehtap Elaidi in 2000 and took the Turkish clothing industry by storm.

The brand significantly emphasizes sourcing sustainable fabrics in its collections, such as Ecovero, Tencel, organic cotton, and more. It sources dead stock materials from textile firms from previous seasons for more traditional fabrics.

The brand has been a popular advocate for Turkish designers over the last 20 years. Its balance of maintaining a low carbon footprint, using sustainable materials, and producing timeless pieces has cemented its legacy in the clothing industry.

7. Mavi

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If you love denim, Mavi is the Jerusalem of high-quality denim wear—Mavi in Turkish means blue. Founded in 1991, the brand is now a household name, known for its signature, timeless denim pieces.

Mavi offers denim clothing for men and women, including jeans, shirts, trendy jackets, and more. They have been recognized as one of the country’s best price/performance brands.

8. LC Waikiki

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Having emerged in the late 1980s, LC Waikiki operates primarily in the affordable fashion segment and offers a wide range of clothing apparel for men, women, and even children. Its clothing line ranges from casual, sportswear, denim, suits, and dresses. Its products are a blend of style, quality, and affordability.

LC Waikiki’s success in Turkey has enabled the brand to expand internationally, and it is now present in over 50 countries, with over 1,100 stores. LC Waikiki’s ecommerce store also offers a seamless shopping experience for the more digitally savvy shopper.

Its emphasis on sustainability, reduction of carbon footprint, and commitment to responsible production have made LC Waikiki a well-loved brand.

9. Sarar


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Established in 1944, Sarar is a Turkish clothing brand that caters to signature clothing items for men, including suits, trousers, shirts, jackets, and accessories.

It gained prominent success and expanded to over 90 countries, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia. Its key focus has always been on classic, timeless designs that are stylish and have an air of sophistication. It uses only the highest quality wool, cotton, silks, and more.

Some of its clothing pieces are handmade by artisans. The company specializes in men’s clothing, including suits, jackets, trousers, and accessories.

10. Koton


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A fashion brand established in 1988, Koton offers an array of clothing for men, women, and children. Its product line ranges from casual wear to formal and sports wear and extends to trendy accessories such as bags and jewelry. It is known for its quality designs and affordable prices, making it a fan favorite and allowing the brand to expand overseas.

11. Roman

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Known for its top-quality, casual style luxury clothing lines, Roman has emerged as one of the leading Turkish fashion brands. From daily clothes to priceless evening dresses, the brand rose to fame when Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez sported its outfits. It has 58 retail stores in Turkey and 17 across the world.

12. Modanisa


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Championing haute modest fashion, Modanisa makes it to this list for its affordable yet stylish hijab clothing pieces. Its vision is to provide the best value for money for women, with trendy shawls, blouses, coats, dresses, and more.

13. Defacto


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Defacto specializes in budget yet highly trendy clothing designs for the working woman, and children. Aiming to make fashionable clothing affordable to the masses, Defacto’s budget-friendly pricing has made it a favorite among the working class. The textile giant has 500 retail stores across 30 countries.

14. Damat Tween

Damat Tween

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A boutique of top-tier suits for men, Damat Tween is the preferred brand for working men. The brand offers unique clothing pieces across all price points and for all occasions. Despite its humble offerings and vision, Michael Jackson and Brad Pitt have been some of its most famous customers, among others.

15. Machka


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Founded by world-famous designers and fashion visionaries Ece-Ayşe Ege and Dice Kayek, Machka is known for its vast collection of designer clothes and dresses that are primarily targeted at confident, feminine women.

Its commitment to using sophisticated materials and the most refined silk, cashmere, and cotton has made it a favorite among the world’s affluent class.

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