Thrills or Chills? Exploring the Spookiness of Escape Rooms

The door locks behind you, and the timer starts counting down. The room is eerie, with dim lighting and an unsettling atmosphere. Your heart races as you search for clues, using black light flashlights and deciphering cryptic words written in fake blood. You must work together with your fellow prisoners to solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out. While the experience can be intense, it is up to you to determine how scary it feels.

The Most Popular Questions about Scary Escape Rooms

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Are You Really Locked in?

One common misconception about escape room games is the belief that the game’s owner physically locks players in a darkened room. However, the purpose of being “locked in” is to create an illusion and enhance the immersive and potentially stressful experience. Legally, it is not permissible to physically lock someone in a room.

Before starting the game, players are typically informed about how to communicate with the game master if they feel nervous and where the built-in exits are located. It’s important to note that if a player leaves the game while it’s in progress, they will not be allowed back in to prevent cheating. Therefore, it is essential to understand that the game is not designed to frighten players.

Are There Jump Scares?

Jump scares are not typically present in most escape rooms, but it ultimately depends on the specific escape room. While there might be surprise or suspense elements, most escape rooms do not incorporate jump scares. However, it’s worth noting that certain companies may offer an “extreme” version of their horror-themed escape rooms that may include jump scares. If you have concerns about this, it is advisable to read reviews and fully understand what to expect before participating.

What about Claustrophobia?

Escape rooms can be set in various real-world locations, such as office buildings, old retail stores, homes, and even prison cells. If you feel comfortable in a regular bedroom, most escape room locations should be suitable for you. Additionally, it’s worth noting that escape room experiences are comparable to tents in terms of capacity. While a tent may claim to fit eight people comfortably, it is often more enjoyable with half the capacity. This is not a universal rule but a good rule of thumb to consider.

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What Makes an Escape Room Scary?

Escape rooms can provide a thrilling and intense experience. The constant ticking clock and the increasing stakes with each solved clue or puzzle can create a nerve-racking atmosphere. With jump scares, creepy music, and props, escape rooms aim to give participants a good scare without going overboard. It is important to check customer reviews before choosing a mystery escape room to ensure it aligns with your comfort level.

What if I Don’t Escape?

Some individuals may have concerns about being unable to escape from an escape room and feeling embarrassed. However, it is important to understand that most escape rooms are designed to accommodate players of all levels of experience. While some escape rooms are known to be extremely challenging and are more suited for experienced escape artists, the majority of escape rooms cater to a wide range of players.

If you find yourself unable to solve a clue or puzzle, you can usually ask the gamemaster for a clue to assist you. It is common for escape rooms to provide a finite number of clues that players can use. These clues are intended to help you progress through the game, and it is not at all embarrassing to utilize them. Many players find it necessary to use clues, so there is no need to worry or feel self-conscious about it.


Escape rooms offer thrilling and intense experiences, but their level of spookiness can vary. While jump scares are not common, some horror-themed rooms may include them. It’s important to read reviews and understand what to expect before participating. Escape rooms are not designed to frighten players; safety measures are in place, such as informing players about exits and communicating with the game master. If players struggle, clues can be requested without embarrassment. Overall, escape rooms provide a nerve-racking atmosphere with ticking clocks, increasing stakes, and immersive elements, making them an exciting adventure for players of various comfort levels.

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