Bored? 10 Phone Numbers to Prank Call to Pass the Time

A good prank call is a classic, easy way to have some harmless fun. It is a trick that never gets old. And while prank-calling people can get annoying for the other party, there’s a way around it — calling vanity numbers!

Many companies and businesses have phone numbers where you’ll be greeted with unique and hilarious scripts. Check out these phone numbers to prank call! You can call them yourself to have some fun in your free time or you can pass them on to a friend or two — they’ll provide a good chuckle and serve as great conversation starters for the next few days to come!

10 Funny Phone Numbers to Prank Call

#1. Sesame Street Hotline: 626-831-9333

Sesame Street

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Almost everyone grew up with Sesame Street. And although you may think this number is more geared towards children, most adults will have just as much fun talking to the much-beloved characters of this US children’s hit TV show.

Hearing the voices of Oscar the Grouch and Grover giving you some advice on how to deal with life is an unbelievable, fun, and charming experience that will definitely put a smile on your face.

#2. Santa’s Workshop: 951-262-3062

A good number to call all-year round, speak to Father Christmas himself, and be greeted with a joyful “Ho-ho-ho!” This is a great number to prank call, especially for children and adults who love the holidays. When you call this number, let Santa know if you’ve been naughty or nice and what kind of gift you hope to receive this year!

#3. Fast Dial Tone: 845-354-9912

Once you call this number for a prank call, you’ll never look (or listen) at a dial tone the same way again. This is the fastest dial tone recording, where you get to listen to that regular dial tone in fast-forward mode.

This dial tone line is known to throw people into a fit of giggles because it’s like listening to a sped-up conversation, but with this line, it’s all beeps.

#4. Get Rick Rolled: 248-434-5508

This is the best number to give a friend so you can “Rickroll” them through a prank phone call. Once your friend dials this number, the song “Never Gonna Give You Up” will automatically play, and as the music plays enthusiastically, your friend will realize that they’ve just been “Ricked rolled” like a pro.

But you never know; the song can be too much fun, so you may find your friend warming up for a little dance number afterward.

#5. Callin’ Oates Hotline: 719-266-2837

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An innocent fun line to call and use as a prank! When you dial this number, a British woman will greet you and offer you a series of Hall & Oates songs to play. There’s no joke here, but if you enjoy this 70’s pop duo, then you’ll even appreciate this number.

#6. The Loser Line: 206-569-5829

Call this line and have your prank broadcasted on the radio! MOViN 92.5, a Seattle-based radio station, created this line for listeners who’ve had a not-so-pleasant experience with a suitor.

Give this number to a rude admirer, and if they happen to leave a message that is harassing or mean, the radio station will play it for everyone — and it’s going to be a nasty awakening for them.

#7. Divorce Hotline: 605-475-6960

Another number you can give to prank a friend is the Divorce Hotline. No, this is not a legitimate relationship helpline, but the automatic recording of this line is so convincing that many will be fooled that they’ve reached the divorce line.

Please don’t make the mistake of giving this number to a friend going through marriage woes, or the prank may go awfully wrong. Be careful and know when to tell them that it is all a joke.

#8. Rejection Hotline: 605-475-6968

Sometimes, you come across people who are a bit too “persistent” and don’t understand rejection. Even after you’ve already said no multiple times, they keep on calling.

So, aside from adding their number to your blocked list, you can also have some fun at their expense by giving them another number to call — and that’s the rejection line. And what’s funny here is the recorded message sounds so legit that the caller would mistake it for an actual business or person.

Be on standby, just in case, and let the person know it’s a prank before things escalate.

#9. Harry Potter’s Line: 605-475-6961

Harry Potter Platform

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If you are a big fan of the magical world of Harry Potter, then you will definitely have a blast calling this number. If you want to be admitted and be part of this prestigious not-so-secret school, call this number to be considered for admission.

What’s funny is you’ll even receive guidance on how to get to Platform 9 ¾. This is a dream come true for many Harry Potter fans! So, while it might be a prank for many, for many others who dreamt of going to Hogwarts, this call changes their lives — even if for just a few minutes.

#10. Sex Addiction Intervention: 605-475-6972

Strictly for 18 years old and above only! It’s a hilarious number to pass on to a friend and tell them to call it as soon as possible. It’s also an excellent way to teach someone who doesn’t take no for an answer a serious (but also funny) lesson.

They’d surely be more careful the next time they hear your robotic, bored, and completely uninterested automated response.

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