Our Research On Health Supplements and Scientific World

Founded in 2001 in Badajoz, a city located in the western frontier of Spain, Formatex Research Center is a company truly committed to the spread of scientific, technical, and health supplement research. The two main kind of activities carried out by Formatex Research Center include writing supplement product reviews and comparison between best health supplements. Apart from that, the company has also been involved in different projects of all kinds and importance. Despite not being one of the biggest companies in this sector, Formatex Research Center has successfully managed to remain in the front line dealing with its kind of developed activities.

What we aim for?

As already mentioned above, Formatex Research Center is a company focused on edition and subsequent publication of research books, as well as on organization of international scientific conferences. Although, as in the case of many other companies, the ability to develop an exercise that reporting an economic benefit is necessary and vital for the evolution of the company, Formatex has developed its own particular aim: disseminating the latest developments in science in an informative way. In this sense, Formatex is proud to present the most cutting-edge advances in different fields of science, so that not only members of research communities can understand the contents. We believe that with this work, we can bring science to a greater number of people and thus present elements of this broad field that were hitherto unknown by most.

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