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67 Names That Mean Wolf for Any Boy or Girl Entering the Pack

Many people are awed by wolves. They have been prominent figures in much of mythology in many different cultures. People are also inspired by their close packs, but strength in their solidarity as well.

Picking a name for a boy or a girl that relates to wolves is a great choice. The names are often powerful but beautiful, and you can make sure your child gets the fierce and awe-inspiring personality that many love about this top predator. These 67 names that mean wolf from around the world will be sure to impress.

23 Girl Names That Mean Wolf

Girl Names Wolf

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1. Accalia: Accalia is a name with a Latin origin that means ‘she-wolf’. It was also the wolf mother that took care of Remus and Romulus in Roman mythology.
2. Agwang: This name means ‘wolf’ and comes from Africa.
3. Altalune: This is a Latin name that doesn’t specifically mean wolf. Instead, it means ‘over the moon’. Since werewolves are known to turn into wolves under the full moon, this name can still be fitting.
4. Amoux: This is a French name that means ‘eagle wolf’.
5. Ashina: Ashina is a name of Muslim origin that means ‘she-wolf’.
6. Cathwulf: This is an old English name that means ‘a woman pure as a wolf’.
7. Daciana: Daciana is a Romanian name that means ‘wolf’.
8. Faoiltiama: A name that means ‘wolf lady’ and is Irish in its roots.
9. Loveta: Loveta is a name that means ‘a woman who is like a young wolf’. It is French in origin. It can also be spelled Lovetta, which means ‘resembling a young wolf’, and is still a French name. Another variation in France is Lovette, meaning ‘she is like a wolf cub’. For a slightly different variation, you can look to Italy for Lovota, which means ‘a fast wolf’ or ‘good-natured’.
10. Lycaconia: Lycaconia is a Biblical name that means ‘she wolf’.
11. Mingan: Mingan is a more recently created name that means ‘a gray wolf’ or ‘someone who is intelligent and furious as a wolf’. It can be found in the United States.
12. Minsi: Minsi is a name that means ‘wolf leader’.
13. Orfilia: Orfiila is an old Germanic name that means ‘female wolf’.
14. Ostana: Otsana is a Basque name that means ‘she-wolf’.
15. Randelle: Randelle is a name that has old English and old Norse history. In English, the name means ‘admirable’, while in Norse, it means ‘wolf shield’.
16. Rieka: Rieka is a German name. It described a woman who shares the power of the wolf, or the power of the home. If spelled like Rica, it is Spanish in origin and means ‘power of the wolf’.
17. Rudina: Rudina means ‘one who is like a legendary wolf’. It is German in origin. It can be shortened to another German name, Rudie, which means ‘one whose fame is like a wolf’s’. It can also be shortened to Rudi, another German name meaning ‘one who has the fame of the wolf’.
18. Sassaba: This is a Native American name that means ‘the wolf’.
19. Tala: This is another Native American name that means ‘stalking wolf’.
20. Tamaska: This is a third Native American name that means ‘mighty wolf’. It may also be common in Hungary.
21. Ulrica: Ulrica is a German name. It has the meanings ‘she-wolf’, and ‘brave’.
22. Ylfa: Ylfa is an Icelandic name that describes a female wolf.
23. Zella: Zella is a Hebrew name that means ‘wolf’.

44 Boy Names That Mean Wolf

Boy Names Wolf

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1. Acwulf: If you don’t mind a more literal-sounding name, Acwulf means ‘a wolf from the oak meadows’.
2. Ad: Ad has Arabic and German origins. In Arabic, the name means ‘settler’, but in German it means ‘noble wolf’, ‘son of the red earth’, or ‘son of Adam’.
3. Alarick: Alarick has multiple meanings; ‘noble leader’, ‘wolf ruler’, ‘fierce’, or ‘supreme ruler of all’. It can also be spelled as Alaric and have the same meaning. They are both German in origin. It was originally a title but works well as a name.
4. Amaruq: This name is an Inuit one. It is the word for ‘gray wolf’.
5. Arnou: Arnou is a German name. It means ‘eagle wolf’.
6. Bardou: Bardou is an English name that means ‘ax-wielding wolf’.
7. Beorthwulf: This is an old Germanic name that means ‘one who is like a bear and like a wolf’.
8. Blevine: Blevine is a name that means ‘a child who is like a wolf cub’. It has Welsh roots.
9. Boris: Boris is a Turkish name. It has several meanings that include ‘short’, ‘snow leopard’, and, of course, ‘wolf’.
10. Canagan: Canagan is a name that can be found in Gaelic and Greek history. The name means ‘wolf pup’.
11. Chann: Chann is a popular Irish name that means ‘young wolf’.
12. Clell: Clell is an old Gaelic name that means ‘descendant of the wolf family’.
13. Conri: Conri means ‘wolf king’. It is a popular Irish name as well, though it is older with Gaelic roots.
14. Cuan: Cuan is an Irish name. It means ‘little wolf’ or ‘little hound’.
15. Duko: Duko comes from the word doede, which means ‘a famous wolf’. It has roots in both Croatian and Frisian.
16. Farkas: Farkas is a name that simply means ‘wolf’. It was once a very popular Hungarian name, though it has faded over time and is rare now.
17. Fenrir: Fenrir is the name of the child of Loki and an evil wolf in Norse mythology. The name itself means ‘fen-dweller’.
18. Fillan: Fillan is an old Gaelic name. It means ‘a little wolf’. It was also the name of a saint for the mentally ill.
19. Freki: Freki isn’t a name that means wolf. However, it was the name of Odin’s wolf in Norse mythology.
20. Hardulph: This name means ‘brave wolf’ and has an Anglo-Saxon origin.
21. Harou: Harou has Norman roots. The name means ‘the army’s wolf’.
22. Hati: Like Freki, Hati doesn’t mean wolf but it is the name of a mythical wolf in Norse mythology. This wolf was said to chase the moon. The name means ‘he who hates’ or ‘enemy’.
23. Ivailo: this is a Bulgarian name that has the meaning ‘wolf’. It can also be spelled as Ivaylo.
24. Kenneally: Kenneally is a Gaelic name. It means ‘wolf’.
25. Lowe: Lowe is often used as a surname, but could be adapted to be used as a first name. It means ‘a person who is like a young wolf’, and is English in origin.
26. Lyall: Lyall is a fairly common surname in Scotland. It originates from the Norse name Liulfr, which was a common first name that means ‘wolf’. Though Lyall is a surname most commonly, it makes a fine first name.
27. Lykos: This is a name that means ‘wolf’ from Greece.
28. Lyulph: Lyulph is an old English name that combines two words meaning ‘flame’ and ‘wolf’ to create ‘a flaming wolf’.
29. Marrok: While the name Marrok doesn’t mean wolf, it was from an Arthurian legend of a man who was a knight thought to also be a werewolf.
30. Phelan: Phelan is a Gaelic name that means ‘one who is like a wolf’.
31. Ralfs: This is a variation on the somewhat common name, Ralph. It means ‘wolf counsel’ and has roots in Latvian and old Norse languages.
32. Randolf: Also spelled as Randolph, this is an old English name that means ‘a house wolf’ or ‘a protector’.
33. Rawling: Rawling comes from Anglo-Saxon and English roots. It means ‘advice of the wolf’. It is mostly used as a surname but still makes a fine first name.
34. Rollin: Rollin is a German name that means ‘wolf’.
35. Sandalio: Sandalio is a Spanish name. It means ‘true wolf’.
36. Seath: Seath is an Irish name that simply means ‘wolfish’.
37. Seff: Seff is a name that means ‘a wolf’ in Hebrew.
38. Sigewulf: This name has Germanic roots. It means ‘a victorious wolf’.
39. Syaoran: Syaoran is a Chinese name that has roots in Buddhism. It means ‘he who is a little wolf’.
40. Tidwulf: This name usually refers more to werewolves than actual wolves. It means ‘the wolf of its time’ or ‘the time wolf’.
41. Uwais: Uwais is a common name in the Middle East. It means ‘a small wolf’.
42. Valko: Valko is a name that comes from the Bulgarian word valk, which means ‘wolf’.
43. Vukasin: Vukasin is a name that means ‘wolf’ or ‘son of a wolf’. It is Serbian in origin.
44. Zev: Zev is a Sinhala name that means ‘wolf’. It can also be spelled as Zeev or Ze’ev.

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