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50 Names That Mean Water: Names as Powerful as the Tide

Water is something long associated with purity, birth, and life itself. It can also mean power, uncertainty, and strength. Whether you want to give a character born to love the sea a water name or think that one of those terms connects with your baby, the perfect list is here for you.

These 50 names that mean water will provide you with any name you might think of giving your baby. It doesn’t matter if they are a boy or a girl, you are sure to find the perfect name here.

25 Girl Names That Mean Water

25 Girl Names

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1. Adair: Adair is a Scottish name. It means ‘a river near oaks’. It was a boy’s name for a long time. Then, in the 1980s it became used as a girl’s name.
2. Amaya: Amaya is a Japanese and Basque word that means ‘night rain’, ‘mother city’, or ‘the end’. It can be often found as a first name or a surname.
3. Avonlea: Avonlea means ‘river by the field’. It can be shortened to Ava or Avon as well. It is an old English name.
4. Beverly: Beverly is an English name. Its meaning is ‘dweller of the beaver stream’. This may not seem like the best meaning, but it is a popular name anyway.
5. Brooke: Brooke, or Brooklyn is an English name that simply means ‘stream’, ‘small stream’, or ‘water’.
6. Cherith: Cherith means ‘winter stream’. It is of Hebrew origins and is the name of the stream that kept Elijah alive in the Bible.
7. Delta: Delta is an English name. It has several origins. For example, it is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, and the flat land that divides a river. It isn’t often used as a name, but it is a good and strong name.
8. Guadalupe: Guadalupe is an old Spanish name that isn’t used as much anymore. It means ‘river with black stones’.
9. Jenna: Jenna, meaning ‘white wave’, is a Welsh name.
10. Kaimana: Kaimana is of Hawaiian origin. It means ‘power of the ocean’. Many Hawaiian names are focused on the power and honoring the ocean and this is one of many.
11. Kendall: Kendall is an English name and it means ‘valley of the River Kent’.
12. Leith: Leith is a Scottish name, and it is the name of a river that is in New Zealand. It is more often used as a boy’s name, but it is starting to be switched to a girl’s name.
13. Lynn: Lynn is a common name in English, especially for older generations around the 1940s. It became a fun replacement for the common name, Linda. However, it was originally a Welsh name, and it means ‘lake’. It is used for boys as well, but more often as a middle name.
14. Marella: Marella is a name of Latin origin and it means ‘shining sea’.
15. Nami: Nami is a Japanese name that means ‘wave’ or ‘surf’.
16. Narelle: Narelle is an Australian Aboriginal name. It means ‘little river’. It is the name of the river running through New South Wales.
17. Nimue: Nimue is from the Legends of King Arthur and means ‘lady of the lake.
18. Shannon: Shannon is an Irish name. There are rivers in Ireland with the name Shannon which means ‘old river’.
19. Talia: Talia is a Hebrew name. It means ‘dew from heaven’. It isn’t often used on its own anymore but instead is a shortened version of other names like Natalia. However, there are some cases where it has been used on its own. It is also one of the angels who attended to the sun in some mythology.
20. Tarni: Tarni is an Australian name. It means ‘wave’ or ‘surf’. It is a very popular name there and can be spelled a few different ways with Tarney and Tahrney being common variations.
21. Vanora: Vanora means ‘white wave’.
22. Winslet: Winslet is an old English name that means ‘Wynn’s stream’. It is most commonly a last name but is starting to gain popularity as a first name.
23. Yara: Yara is a name that means ‘water lady’. It is often used in Arabic and Persian nations and has been used in Brazil as well.
24. Zarna: Zarna is an Indian name. It means ‘spring’, ‘stream’, or ‘multiple springs of water’.
25. Zarya: Zarya is a Slavic name. It was the name of a water priestess in an old Slavic myth that protected warriors.

25 Boy Names That Mean Water

25 Boy Names

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1. Aalto: Aalto is a Scandinavian and Finnish name. It means ‘wave’. It is common as a surname in those countries and is slowly becoming a first name, but isn’t very popular in the US yet.
2. Aenon: This name means ‘water spring’. It is a Biblical name and has Ancient Greek history as well. In the Middle East, it is often given to a water source as its name.
3. Beck: Beck, which can be used on its own or as a shortened version of Beckham and Beckett, means ‘one living beside a small stream’, ‘little brook’, or ‘homestead by the stream’. If you add a ‘y’ to the end, it becomes the more feminine name Becky, but Beck by itself can also be used for a girl or a boy.
4. Blackwell: Blackwell is most commonly known for being a surname for those with English origins. The name means ‘black well’ or ‘black stream’. The name isn’t often used as a first name due to the dark connotations and because it sounds a little old-school, but it could easily become popular again.
5. Calder: Calder is a name that means ‘rocky water’. It has English origins and has been growing in popularity since the 2010s.
6. Clyde: Clyde is a Scottish name. It is associated with the river Clyde that runs through Glasgow. It has a vintage hint to it but is still a name commonly used for boys.
7. Devereaux: Devereaux is a French name. It means ‘from the Eure River’.
8. Dougie: Dougie can be shortened from Douglas or spelled as Dougy instead. The name is of Scottish origin and means ‘dark water’.
9. Eaton: Eaton is a name that means ‘riverside’. It has an English origin. It is somewhat of a mix between Ethan and Eton.
10. Fisher: Fisher is a simple name, and is often associated with the job or hobby of being a fisherman. It is a common surname, but it can work as a first name as well.
11. Indra: Indra means ‘possessing raindrops’. It was also the name of the god of rain and sky in Sanskrit.
12. Irving: Irving means ‘green river’ or ‘sea friend’, and is a common name in Scotland. It was also a popular name for a while for Jewish-American boys.
13. Jabal: Jabal means ‘stream’ or ‘water’ in Arabic.
14. Jordan: Jordan is a Hebrew name. Its meaning is simply ‘to descend or flow’. There are also rivers with the name Jordan.
15. Kai: Kai is found as a common name in both Hawaii and Japan. It can mean ‘sea’ or ‘forgiveness’, depending on the country. In the English language, it was thought to be a shortened version of a longer name, Kaimbe, which means ‘warrior’.
16. Kano: Kano is a Japanese and African name and is often said to mean ‘the god of the water’.
17. Lincoln: Lincoln is a name meaning ‘settlement by water’. It is an English name that was originally a surname but has been used as a first name as well.
18. Malek: Malik, or Malek, is a common Middle Eastern and African name. It has multiple meanings, including ‘wave’, ‘king’, or ‘ruler’. Maliq is another variation of this name.
19. Nen: Nen is an Egyptian name. It means ‘ancient waters’.
20. Pike: Pike is a type of fish in the English language. It can often be seen as a surname for some people, such as Zebulon Pike who named Pike’s Peak in Colorado. However, it is a nice, simple name that works as a boy’s first name as well.
21. Rafferty: Rafferty means ‘flood’. However, it doesn’t have the negative connotation often associated with floods. Instead, it is a good word. It means there is enough water. It is of Irish origin.
22. Sagara: Sagara is a Hindi name that means ‘ocean’.
23. Taki: This name is of Japanese origin. It means ‘falling water’.
24. Tiberius: Tiberius is a name that means ‘near the River Tiber’.
25. Wade: Wade is a name that means ‘by the river crossing’. It is also a word to describe how one moves through water. It is an English name that is short and sweet.

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