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Give Your Child a Dazzling Name: 56 Names That Mean Star

Stars are twinkling and dazzling lights up in space. They have long been used as symbols of success. In modern times, stars are famous celebrities that are well-loved by their fans. The word has also been used for things like fate, love, joy, and knowledge.

If you want your child to represent one or a few of these meanings, then giving them one of many names that mean star is the way to go. Names representing stars are popular around the world, giving you plenty of options.

28 Girl Names That Mean Star

Girl Names Star

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1. Aegir: One of the moons of Saturn.
2. Amaterasu: This is the name of the Japanese goddess of the sun. Her name meant ‘shining’ or ‘heaven’. She was the ruler of the universe. The name can be shortened to cute names like Ama for ease.
3. Astra: Astra is a Latin name that can be simply translated to ‘star’.
4. Badriya: Badriya is a Muslim name. It means ‘resembling the full moon’.
5. Bituin: Bituin is a name that originated from Australian Aborigines. The name means ‘star’ in Tagalog. Since the language isn’t spoken much outside of Luzon and the Philippines, you can be sure your little girl’s name is unique.
6. Celeste: Celeste is a name that originates from Italy. It means ‘of the sky’ or ‘heavenly’. It can be given to girls, especially in America, but some countries use it as a name for both genders.
7. Csilla: Csilla is a Hungarian name that means ‘star’. In Hungary, when the letter ‘c’ and ‘s’ are put together it makes more of a ‘ch’ sound, meaning the name is pronounced more like Chilla.
8. Danika: Danika is a Slavic name that means ‘morning star’.
9. Estella: Estella is Latin for the word ‘star’.
10. Etoile: It comes from both Greek and French origin. The name means ‘star-like’ and ‘love’.
11. Hoshi: Hoshi is the Japanese word for star and makes for a lovely name.
12. Kiara: Kiara is a name that originates in Korea. The name means ‘the first ray of the sun’.
13. Lyra: Lyra is a name that comes from the instrument known as a lyre. However, it is a constellation up in the sky in the shape of a small harp, which can also give it a connection to the stars.
14. Maristela: Maristela is a Spanish name that mixes the word for sea and star to create a name that means ‘star of the sea’.
15. Mina: Mina is a name of Muslim origin. It usually means ‘starling’ and ‘heaven’.
16. Namid: Namid is an old Native American name. It originates from the Ojibwe and Cheyenne languages. It comes from the words niimii for ‘she dances’ and anang ‘star’ to symbolize the meaning ‘star dancer’.
17. Nasima: Nasima is an Arabic name. It is usually known to mean ‘breeze’, but the word can also be seen to mean ‘rising star’.
18. Nuit: Nuit is an Ancient Egyptian name that means ‘sky’. However, it also is the name for a goddess of the sky, stars, and the whole universe. She is often said to be a woman covered in stars that envelops her husband, who is the god of the earth, Geb.
19. Realta: Realta is a name from Ireland and means ‘little star’. It is the feminine version of Realtin.
20. Serlida: This is a German name that means ‘bright as a star’.
21. Sitara: This is an Indian name that has the meaning ‘starlight’.
22. Stella: Stella is a name with Latin origins. It means ‘star’ and is a classic and common name. You could also add to the name by turning it into Stellaluna, which means ‘star’ and ‘moon’.
23. Tahiti: This is a Finnish name that is easy to pronounce and means ‘star’.
24. Tainn: Tainn is a Native American name that means ‘new moon’, which is the perfect time to see all the stars.
25. Tala: Tala is a Filipino name that means ‘star’. You can also change it to a slightly more common name Tara, which has the same meaning.
26. Twila: Twila is a name common in French and English. It is thought to be a take on the Cajun pronunciation of the French word for star, ‘etoile’, or just a shortened form of the word twilight.
27. Zhura: Zhura is a Muslim name that means ‘star’. It is another name for Venus, the second planet in our solar system and the goddess of love commonly used in Greek culture.
28. Zorya: Zorya is an old Slavic name that means ‘morning star’. She is a prominent character in Slavic folklore and has multiple names including Danica, Zvezda, and Zarya.

28 Boy Names That Mean Star

Boy Names Star

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1. Akhtar: Akhtar is a common Muslim name. The word means ‘good luck’, but it can also mean ‘star’.
2. Aster: Aster is a type of flower, but it is also a Greek name that means ‘star’. It is a unisex name that can work for a baby of any gender.
3. Astrophel: Astrophel is an old-fashioned name that means ‘star lover’. It is a mix of two Greek words, aster, meaning ‘star’, and philos, meaning ‘lover’ or ‘friend’. The name can be shortened to Astro.
4. Bingtang: Bingtang is a Malaysian name that means ‘star’. It hasn’t spread far beyond Malaysia and Indonesia but is a fairly common name there and can be shortened to Bin.
5. Caelestis: Caelestis is an Ancient Roman name that means ‘of the sky’ or ‘heavenly’. It isn’t a name used much but is a unique name and can easily be shortened to Cai.
6. Delano: Delano is a name of French origin. The name means ‘of the night’.
7. Elrond: Elrond is a name that means ‘star dome’. It is seen to be used in Lord of the Rings.
8. Hoku: Hoku is the Hawaiian name for ‘star’.
9. Iah: Iah is an Egyptian name that refers to the moon god. Later, he was also called Toth.
10. Itri: Itri is a name that originates from North Africa. It is specifically from a language known as Tamazight, which is a Berber language mostly spoken in Morocco. The name means ‘star’.
11. Izar: Izar is a Basque name that means ‘star’. It is more of a gender-neutral name, as it is popular for girls in Spain, but is given to men a lot in France.
12. Jiemba: Jiemba is a name from the Wiradjuri language. It means ‘laughing star’.
13. Kaukab: Kaukab is a name of Muslim origin that means ‘star’.
14. Marin: Marin is a name that means ‘star of the sea’. In places like the U.S. and the Netherlands, this name tends to be more for girls, but in Croatia and France, the name is usually given to boys.
15. Najm: Najm is an Arabic name that means ‘star’.
16. Leo: Leo is the name for a constellation up in the sky. It is also used as an astrological symbol based around the stars, and means ‘lion’.
17. Orion: Orion is a constellation up in the sky, and was a common Greek name.
18. Proteus: Proteus is a Greek name that means ‘strong and powerful’. It is also a name given to the second largest of Neptune’s moons and is also one of the darkest objects in the entire solar system.
19. Quacey: Quacey is Scottish. The name means ‘of the moonlight’.
20. Reeva: Reeva is a boy’s name that originates from the Hindu language. Its name often means ‘one who guides people like a river or star’.
21. Shihab: Shihab means ‘shooting star’. It is of Islamic origin.
22. Sirius: Sirius is the name of one of the brightest stars scientists have found to date.
23. Sterling: Sterling is an old English name that means ‘little star’. The name has gotten more popular in the last few years again. It has been popular since the 1800s and hasn’t dipped below the top 1,000 baby boy names since then.
24. Tarak: Tarak is a name that means ‘star’ or ‘protector’. The name originates from the Sanskrit language. There is a similar word, Tariq, which originates from Arabic and means ‘star path’.
25. Utu: Utu is one of the gods from Ancient Mesopotamian times. He is the god of the sun and space.
26. Ylli: Ylli is an Albanian name that means ‘star’.
27. Zeke: Zeke is a shortened version of Ezekial in Hebrew. However, there is also an Arabic name. In the Arabic language, it means ‘shooting star’.
28. Zunair: Zunair is an Islamic name that means ‘light of the moon’.

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