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Savor the Darkness by Choosing Names That Mean Shadow

Names that mean shadow are ones not often used in modern culture. People tend to pick bright and cheerful names to represent the bright and cheerful lives they are meant to have in the future. In other words, names that mean shadow are often rare and will make your baby stand out.

Shadows aren’t bad things by nature anyway. They provide balance to the light and are constant companions in our lives. Shadows provide shade. They can also be considered complex and mysterious, as they are 2D versions of ourselves. If your name is something like Rosalyn Noble, you can also use one of these names as a nickname for yourself.

27 Girl Names That Mean Shadow

Girl Names Shadow

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1. Aka: Aka is a Hawaiian name that means ‘shadow’. It can be a boy’s or girl’s name.
2. Adie: Adie means ‘dark one’.
3. Adreanna: Adrieanna is a name that is of French origin and means ‘dark’.
4. Aloka: Aloka means ‘shadow’ and is of Malagasy origin. It was originally an honorific for women but can be a beautiful name.
5. Bruna: Bruna is an Italian name that means ‘one with dark hair’ or ‘shadow’.
6. Chhaya: Chhaya is an Indian name and carries the meaning ‘a creepy shadow’. Despite the strange meaning, it is a pretty common name in the country.
7. Ciemny: This word originally was an honorific in the Polish language. It means ‘shadow’ or ‘darkness’. It is an honorific given to both boys and girls, and works as a name for either gender as well.
8. Ebony: Ebony comes from a Latin word that means ‘deep black wood’.
9. Ena: Ena means ‘shadow’ and comes from Latvia.
10. Erembour: This name is an English one that was a mythological character that rode the shadows. It mixed the words eormen, which means ‘universal’ or ‘whole’, and berg, which means ‘fortress’.
11. Hamutal: Hamutal is a name from Hebrew that means ‘in the shadow of his heat’. It has another meaning as well, ‘of the morning dew’.
12. Melanie: Melanie is a name of Greek origin that means ‘blackness’ or ‘someone who is covered by shadows’. It can also be spelled Melany. You can also make it a bit longer with the name Melania.
13. Moriti: Moriti is a word and a name that is used to describe people that seem mystical or mysterious. It has a Sesotho origin.
14. Ombretta: Ombretta is possibly an Italian word that means ‘shadow’.
15. Pangari: This name is Australian in nature and means ‘of the soul’ or ‘shadow’.
16. Raven: Raven refers to an intelligent and beautiful black bird. If you want to have a name for your baby that still refers to ravens but isn’t so obvious, try Corvina as well.
17. Saiya: Saiya is an Indian name that means ‘shadow’ or ‘always with you’. It is also used in Japan and means ‘strength’. Spelled like Sayah, it is an Arabic name that means ‘shadow’ or ‘shade’.
18. Seber: This name means ‘shade’ or ‘shadow’ and is of Kurdish origin.
19. Senka: Senka is a common name in areas like Croatia and Serbia. It means ‘shadow’.
20. Shyma: Shyma is an Indian name that means ‘shadow’. It is connected to Kali, the Indian Goddess.
21. Skia: Skia is a name that comes from Greece and means ‘shadow’.
22. Sombra: Sombra is a Spanish name that comes from Sombrero, or a large hat that creates shade. It also means ‘shadow’ and ‘shade’.
23. Tinueviel: This name means ‘daughter of twilight’ or ‘nightingale’.
24. Tywyll: This name is Welsh in nature. It means ‘dark’ or ‘shadows’.
25. Tzilla: This is a name that means ‘dark and shadowy’ and is Hebrew in origin.
26. Yinying: Yinying is a Chinese name that means ‘shadow’. It is gender-neutral.
27. Zylah: Zylah is also spelled Zillah. It has a Hebrew origin and means ‘shade’ or ‘shadow’.

28 Boy Names That Mean Shadow

Boy Names Shadow

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1. Araysh: This name is of Muslim origin and means ‘shadower’.
2. Ash: Ash is a common name that represents the shadows and remnants left behind after a fire.
3. Astrangi: This is a gender-neutral name that means ‘shadow’ and comes from the indigenous people in New Zealand, the Maoris.
4. Atarangi: Atarangi is a gender-neutral name that means ‘shadow’ and has Maori roots.
5. Betzalel: This name is Hebrew in nature and means ‘in the shadow of god’ for those that are more religious.
6. Blagdan: This name means ‘one from the dark valley’.
7. Cethin: Cethin is a Celtic name that means ‘dusky’ or ‘resembling a shadow’. It is a name that has been around for a long time.
8. Chaiyn: This name is one of the many names of Krishna who is described as the color of the shadow.
9. Devroop: This name is from India and means ‘god-like’ or ‘the shadow of god’.
10. Draven: Draven is a somewhat common name that means ‘child of the shadows’.
11. Drubish: This is a name that means ‘the shadow of Lord Shiva’.
12. Duncan: Duncan is a name of Scottish origin that means ‘dark warrior’.
13. Erebus: Erebus is a Greek name that means ‘deep darkness’ or ‘shadow’. It is also the name of a mountain in New Zealand.
14. Grimshaw: This is an English name that means ‘dark woods’.
15. Itzal: This is a name that means ‘shadow’ and has a Basque origin.
16. Kage: Kage is a Japanese word that means ‘shadow’ and can be a perfect name.
17. Kardama: Kardama is a name that means ‘shadow’ and is relatively unusual.
18. Landong: This is a name from the Philippines and means ‘shadow’. It comes from the Austronesian language spoken in the country.
19. Niratap: This name means ‘one who is occupied with shadows and shades’.
20. Ohanzee: Ohanzee is a name of Siouan origin that simply means ‘shadow’.
21. Ozul: Ozul is a name that means ‘shadow’ or ‘shadowy’. It has Gothic origins.
22. Paolo: Paolo is a common name many people don’t realize means ‘shadow’. It is originally a name from Samoa but is now common in Italy as well.
23. Senko: Senko is the masculine version of the name Senka. It means ‘shadow’ and is of Slavic origin.
24. Tirich: Tirich is a name that means ‘shadow’. It describes a valley in Muklow. It has Pashto origins.
25. Varjo: Varjo is a Finnish name that means ‘shadow’.
26. Zalaam: This name is Arabic and means ‘shadow’ or ‘shade’.
27. Zalaph: Zalaph means ‘shadow’. Its origins can be found in the Bible.
28. Zil: Zil is a gender-neutral name that means ‘shadow’. It has Arabic roots.

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