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51 Names That Mean Red for Those Inspired by Fire and Warmth

There are a few reasons you may want a name that means red. Maybe it is because your baby has the cutest red cheeks, or maybe their hair is a flaming red color. Red is a word often associated with passion, love, fire, flowers, gemstones, and energy. If your baby represents any of these objects or emotions, then a name meaning red might be perfect for you.

These 51 names that mean red are for boys or girls. Many have a rich history, and you can find names and words that make excellent names that mean red throughout the world.

26 Girl Names That Mean Red

Girl Names Red

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1. Afra: Afra is a name that originates from the Hebrew and Arabic languages. It means ‘whitish red’ or ‘dust’. It is also a place mentioned in the Book of Micah.
2. Akako: Akako is a word that originates from Japan and means ‘red’.
3. Akari: Akari is another Japanese name. It means ‘red jasmine’ or ‘red village’. It was a popular name for Japanese girls in the late 90s.
4. Autumn: Autumn is an English word used to describe the season that comes after summer. Since reds, oranges, and yellows are most associated with this season, so has the name become associated with the colors of fall.
5. Ayuna: Ayuna is yet another Japanese name. It means ‘red apple tree’.
6. Cerise: Cerise is a French name meaning ‘cherry’. It is a subtle name that is simple to say.
7. Chizuki: Chizuki is a Japanese name that means ‘red moon’ or ‘blood moon’. It is describing a lunar eclipse.
8. Corsen: Corsen is a girl’s name that comes from Welsh origin. It is a name that means ‘red’.
9. Dandan: Dandan is a Chinese name that means ‘red’. It is derived from two different meanings of dan. The first means ‘cinnabar’, ‘red’, or ‘vermillion’. The second means ‘dawn’ or ‘early morning’.
10. Ginger: Ginger was originally a Sanskrit word that quickly became popular in English as a name. The word describes the ginger root. However, for a while in the 60s and 70s, Ginger was a name given to girls with red hair in the U.S. This was especially the case for Hollywood actresses and is still often associated with the color red.
11. Humayra: Humayra is an Arabic word that means ‘red’. It was originally a nickname given to one of the Prophet Muhammad’s wives because she constantly had rosy cheeks.
12. Kamala: Kamala is a Sanskrit name that means ‘pale red’ or ‘lotus’. You can turn it into Kamal to make the perfect boy name as well. Kamala is another name for Lakshmi, who is the goddess of youth, beauty, good fortune, and wealth.
13. Kurenai: Kurenai is a Japanese word that means ‘crimson’. It is not often a given name, but it is a pretty name that could easily become a trend.
14. Lali: Lali is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘ruby’. It describes the usually red gemstone.
15. Miaka: Miaka is a Japanese name. It comes from the Japanese word mi, meaning ‘beautiful’, and aka, meaning ‘vermillion red’ or ‘bright’ to make a name meaning ‘beautiful red’.
16. Omaira: Omaira is an Arabic name that means ‘red’ or ‘long life’.
17. Piroska: Piroska is a Hungarian name that means ‘red’. It comes from the Hungarian word piros, which also means ‘red’. The name can also be shortened to Piri.
18. Poppy: Poppy is an English name that also describes a small red-orange flower.
19. Raleigh: This is a unisex name that means ‘red clearing’. It became popular in the English language thanks to Sir Walter Raleigh who was a poet and explorer. Though the name was generally more used for men, the -leigh ending tends to be more feminine in nature.
20. Rosie: Rosie is an English name that refers to roses, specifically red ones. Roisin is an Irish version of the same name.
21. Ruby: Ruby is an English name. It describes a stone that is often deep red in color.
22. Scarlett: This name has a few different spellings including Scarlet and Scarlette. It is an English name that means ‘red’. Specifically, it is a shade of red that goes by the same name.
23. Shani: Shani is a Hebrew name that means ‘scarlet thread’. It was originally used to reference Jesus sacrificing himself on the cross. Shani is also the name of the Hindu god of Karma. In Swahili, the name means ‘marvelous’.
24. Sherry: Sherry is a French and Spanish word. It is a word used to describe a time of fortified red wine, but can also mean ‘darling’. It is an older name that has fallen out of style.
25. Sienna: Sienna is a color that comes across as the same color as clay, or a reddish-brown. The name originates from Italy.
26. Talutah: Talutah is a Native American name, specifically Sioux, that means ‘blood red’.

25 Boy Names That Mean Red

Boy Names Red

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1. Adam: Adam is a name that comes from Hebrew. Its meaning is ‘son of the red earth’.
2. Admon: Admon is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘red ground’. It can be considered a variant of Adam.
3. Akashi: Akashi is a Japanese name for boys that means ‘vermilion’, or ‘crimson’. It is most often a surname in Japan, but can also make a good first name.
4. Carnelian: Carnelian is an old English name that is used to mean ‘Cornel cherry’. It is also a mineral that can be considered a semi-precious gemstone.
5. Casaan: Casaan is a Somali name that carries the meaning of ‘red’.
6. Clancy: Clancy is an Irish name that means ‘red warrior’.
7. Edom: Edom is a Hebrew word meaning ‘red’. Edom is another name for Esau, more often seen in the Old Testament of the Bible. He was given the name because he was ‘red all over’.
8. Flanagan: Flanagan is a traditional English name that is the anglicized version of an Irish surname, ‘O’Flannagain’. It comes from the Irish word Flann, which means ‘blood red’.
9. Flynn: Flynn is an Irish name. Its meaning is ‘son of the red-haired one’.
10. Fox: Fox is a unisex name, though it is mostly given to boys. While it doesn’t directly mean red, most foxes tend to have reddish fur.
11. Gilroy: Gilroy is an Irish name. It originally comes from the Irish surname Mac Giolla Ruaidh which means ‘son of the red-haired servant’ or Mac Giolla Ri, which means ‘son of the king’s servant’. Gilroy itself means ‘son of the red-haired servant’, so it is closest to the first surname.
12. Gough: Gough is a Welsh and Irish word that means ‘red’. It was a common nickname for those with red hair but became a name over time.
13. Harkin: Harkin is an old Gaelic name that has the meaning of ‘red blood’. It is usually a last name but can make a great first name as well.
14. Kapil: Kapil is a Sanskrit name derived from the word for ‘monkey’, Kapi. The name was given to the monkeys due to their reddish-brown color. Kapil is also the name of the sage in Mahabharata who protects animals.
15. Keegan: Keegan is an Irish name that means ‘fiery’ or ‘red’.
16. Leroux: Leroux is a French name that comes from the old French word for ‘red’, ros. It was given as a nickname for those that had bright red hair, a red complexion, or who preferred red clothes, but it became a name over time.
17. Miltiades: Miltiades is a Greek name that means ‘red earth’. It comes from the word miltos, meaning ‘red earth’ as well.
18. Pyrrhus: This name originates from Greece. It means ‘red’ or ‘flame colored’. Pyr in Greek means ‘fire’.
19. Qiong: Qiong is a Chinese name that means ‘red jade’. It can also mean ‘exquisite’ or ‘beautiful’. This name can be unisex.
20. Red: Of course, if you want a name that means red, you can’t beat the actual word. You can also spell it as ‘Redd’ if you want a bit of a difference. It is often a unisex nickname for someone with red hair or a fiery personality, but it could be a name on its own as well, especially if you use the name Redford or Redding.
21. Reed: Reed is an English name that means ‘red-haired’. It can also be spelled as Reid.
22. Rory: Rory is an Irish name that means ‘the red king’.
23. Rosso: Rosso is an Italian name. The name simply means ‘red’.
24. Russell: Russell is a French name. Its meaning is ‘fox-colored’ or reddish-orange color.
25. Zurab: A Georgian name meaning ‘redwater’.

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