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56 Names That Mean Protector: Make Your Child a Guardian

A protector is someone that takes charge or defends people that are less powerful than themselves. They are always willing to stand up for the weak and take risks to help others. If your child is already showing some of these qualities, then you may find that one of these 56 names that mean protector is perfect for them.

Most of these names are older and have a long history throughout the world. They may have once been men’s names now adapted for women or changed their spelling to be easier to pronounce, but they still have a rich history.

20 Girl Names That Mean Protector

Girl Names Protector

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1. Alessandra: This is an Italian name and refers specifically to being a defender of men. Alessia is a Greek name that shares the same meaning.
2. Alexa: Alexa is a Greek name that means ‘defender or protector of mankind’. It can be lengthened to Alexandra.
3. Arminda: Arminda is the Latin word for ‘protector’.
4. Ansel: Ansel is an English name. It means ‘protector’.
5. Avika: Though being popular with Jews, Muslims, and Christians, this name isn’t super popular overall. It can be used for boys or girls. In Israel, it tends to be masculine, while Christians tend to prefer it for women. It means ‘protector’.
6. Dealla: Dealla is an Irish name that means ‘protector’.
7. Delmira: This name rolls off the tongue. It has German roots and means ‘noble protector’.
8. Eda: This short and sweet name means ‘wealthy guardian’ and is English in origin.
9. Edme: Edme is a Scottish name that has the meaning of ‘protector’.
10. Hildegard: This is a German name that means ‘battle guard’, which is a specific type of protector.
11. Ismat: Ismat is an Arabic name that means ‘protecting’.
12. Kamali: Kamali is technically a unisex name. Depending on the culture using the name, it is reserved solely for either boys or girls. The name is common in Arabic, Hindi, and African cultures. It means ‘spirit guide’ or ‘protector’ most often, but there are several other meanings in the African and Arabic languages that could make the name mean ‘perfection’ or ‘full of desires’.
13. Kendra: Kendra is a somewhat popular name. Originally it was of Hindi origin and means ‘protector of man’.
14. Meredith: Meredith was a common name though it has fallen out of style some. It was originally a Celtic name and means ‘protector of the sea’ or ‘great ruler’. For a long time, it was a boy’s name but has been adopted as a girl’s name since the 1920s. It is still strictly a male’s name in Wales.
15. Mina: Mina is a German name. It means ‘resolute protector’. The name can also be spelled Minna and was an alternative name to Mary. Minette is a name that means ‘star of the sea’ or ‘determined protector’, and also comes from the same name origin. The -ette at the end was considered to give it more of a French twist.
16. Randi: This is a unisex name, though the masculine version tends to be spelled as Randy. It has old Norse and English origins and has many meanings including ‘shield wolf’, ‘beautiful’, ‘wonderful’, ‘extraordinary’, and ‘worthy of admiration’. It comes from the old Norse name Ragnfrior or the Latin name Miranda.
17. Rosabella: This is a pretty German name that holds the meaning of ‘a noted protector’.
18. Sezia: Sezia is a name from Russia that has the meaning ‘protector’.
19. Sandra: Sandra is a Greek name that means ‘defender of man’.
20. Sasha: Sasha is a name meaning ‘defender of mankind’. It is originally from Greece.

36 Boy Names That Mean Protector

Boy Names Protector

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1. Adarvan: Adarvan is a Persian name that means ‘fire protector’.
2. Alejandro: This is a Greek name that means ‘defender’ or ‘protector of mankind’ or ‘defending man’ in Spanish. This name is an adaptation of the Spanish name Alexander or Alexandros.
3. Alexander: Alexander is another Greek name that means ‘defender of the people’. It can also be a Spanish name with a similar meaning.
4. Amyntas: Amyntas is a Greek name. It isn’t very popular even in Greece though. It is from the Greek word amyntor which is known to mean ‘defender’. It used to be given to future kings or leaders.
5. Argus: Argus is yet another Greek name. It means ‘vigilant guardian’. It comes from Greek mythology and was the name of a 100-eyed giant.
6. Aylward: This name means ‘noble guardian’ and is English in origin.
7. Castiel: Castiel is a Hebrew name that means ‘shield of God’ or ’God is my cover’. It is also thought to be a variant of Cassiel, who is the angel of Thursday.
8. Duarte: Duarte is a German name. It means ‘prosperous guardian’. It is also found in Portuguese households as a common name. It comes from the name Edward. It can be found as a given name or a surname.
9. Eamon: This is a name with Irish roots that means ‘rich protector’. It is a traditional name but hasn’t spread much outside of Ireland.
10. Edmon: Edmon means ‘prosperous protector’ and is French in origin. There are similar names in English and Spanish, which are Edmund and Edmundo, respectively. They also mean something along the lines of ‘fortunate protector’ or ‘wealthy protector’. These are names you can find throughout history and religions.
11. Ehno: Ehno is an Italian name that simply means ‘protector’.
12. Eri: Eri is a name with Hebrew roots. It means ‘my guardian’.
13. Faramund: This is a name that means ‘protection’ and is German in origin.
14. Folke: Folke is a Scandinavian name that means ‘people’s guardian’. It is still popular in many Scandinavian countries but hasn’t spread much outside of that.
15. Fremont: Fremont has both German and French roots and is said to mean ‘noble protector’.
16. Halvard: Halvard is a Norwegian name. It means either ‘protector’ or ‘guardian of the rock’. It is found to be used a lot still in Portugal.
17. Hami: Hami is a name with Persian roots. It means ‘protector’ or ‘defender’.
18. Howard: Howard is common in English and German cultures. It was originally a surname but is a very common first name. It means ‘high guardian’ or ‘brave heart’. It comes from old Norse names Huard and Heward.
19. Jalmari: This name means ‘helmet protector’ and comes from Finnish backgrounds. It is still used in Scandinavian countries but hasn’t spread outside of that.
20. Liam: Liam is an Irish name and has the meaning of ‘resolute protector’. It was originally a nickname for the Irish name Uilliam, or William.
21. Melvin: Melvin is a name with a rich history. It has been found to have English, Scottish, and Germanic roots. It means ‘council protector’ or ‘friend of justice’. It comes from the German name Malwin. It was a common surname in Scotland for a while as well.
22. Millard: Millard is an Anglo-Saxon name that means ‘mill guard’, ‘guardian of the mill’, or ‘caretaker’. It was originally spelled Myllward.
23. Mumin: This is an Arabic take on a protector’s name. It means ‘guardian of faith’.
24. Nakoa: Nakoa is a common Hawaiian name that means ‘well-to-do protector’.
25. Narain: Narain is a Hindi name. It has the meanings ‘protector’ or ‘a godly person’. It is still common in areas that speak Hindi. It is also associated with the Hindu god, Vishnu.
26. Oz: Oz is a name with quite a few meanings, including ‘divine power’, ‘divine rulership, ‘God rules’, ‘illustrious defender’, and ‘defender of the house’. It is short for the name Oswald. It has roots in old Germanic, old English, and Hebrew.
27. Rai: Rai means ‘guardian’ or ‘custodian’ and is of Arabic origin.
28. Raymond: Raymond is a fairly common name with German roots. It means ‘protection’.
29. Reinhold: This is another German name, though not as common as Raymond. It means ‘wise protector’.
30. Teddie: Teddie is a common name in France. It sounds cute, but it means ‘prosperous protector’.
31. Titan: Titan is a Greek name. It means ‘defender’ but also is related to the old Greek gods.
32. Vilem: Vilem is a powerful German name. It means ‘strong and resolute protector’.
33. Wali: Wali is an Arabic name that just means ‘protector’.
34. Ward: Ward is a word that means to put up protections or defenses. It also is an English name that means ‘guardian’. It can be short for Warden, a German name that means ‘guardian’ or ‘watchman’ and also refers to a job with a similar meaning. The name can also be short for Warmond, which is English in origin and means ‘true guardian’.
35. Willem: Willem is a Dutch name. It means ‘resolute protector’.
36. Willis: Willis is an English name that means ‘resolute protector’ as well.

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