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75 Names That Mean Peace for the Calmest Child

In a world of seemingly endless conflict, we’re often told to be the change we want to see. Children with names that mean peace may act diplomatically, working toward a resolution that everyone can be happy with while keeping tensions low.

These names can also be used when your child embodies tranquility and calm, even in the most stressful of times. By using any of these 75 names that mean peace for your child, maybe this change will fruit one day.

32 Girl Names That Mean Peace

Girl Peace

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1. Aarvi: This is an Indian name that means ‘peace’.
2. Akudo: Akudo is a Nigerian name that means ‘peaceful wealth’.
3. Alafia: This is a Yoruban name that means ‘peace’ and is popular in Nigeria for both boys and girls.
4. Alana: Alana, or Alanna, is a Gaelic name that means ‘serenity’.
5. An: An is a short and sweet name that means ‘peace’ in Chinese.
6. Aquene: This is a Native American name that also shares the meaning ‘peace’. It is said to be used by the Algonquin tribe.
7. Arcadia: Arcadia is a Greek name meaning ‘region offering peace and contentment’.
8. Bakea: This is a Basque name that means ‘peace’.
9. Clementine: This is an older name that means ‘merciful’ or ‘mild’.
10. Evania: This is a popular Greek and Spanish name that means ‘peace’.
11. Freda: Freda is popular in German and Scandinavian cultures. It means ‘peaceful’. It can be spelled like Frida and Frieda as well. Frieden is a word in German that means ‘peace’ and is likely the origin of this name.
12. Galene: Galene means ‘calm and quiet’. It comes from a Greek word that means the same thing. It is the feminine version of Galen. Galena is another variation of this name. Galene is also the name of a Greek goddess who brings the calm sea.
13. Harmony: A name that means ‘peaceful’ and ‘musical’.
14. Heiwa: Heiwa is the word for ‘peace’ in Japanese.
15. Inga: Inga is a Scandinavian name. It means ‘guarded by Ing’. Ing is the god of peace.
16. Jemima: Jemima is a name that means ‘dove’ and is popular in Hebrew cultures. It also has been used in the Old Testament.
17. Kazu: Kazu is a Japanese name that means ‘harmony’ and ‘peace’.
18. Lana: Lana is another Hawaiian name that means ‘calm as still waters’. It is also common in Greece and means ‘shining light’.
19. Maluhia: This is a Hawaiian word for ‘peace’ that makes a good name.
20. Mira: Mira is popular in many countries and means ‘peaceful ocean’.
21. Nanda: Nanda is a name that means ‘peace’ or ‘bliss’ and is from Sanskrit roots.
22. Nura: Nura is an Arabic name that means ‘bringer of enlightenment and peace’.
23. Paloma: This name refers to doves, which are a symbol of peace in many cultures. It is a Spanish name.
24. Rauha: This name is Finnish for ‘peace’.
25. Serena: Serena comes from the word ‘serene’. Serenity is another very similar name.
26. Shanti: Shanti is a name that comes from the word shanit in Sanskrit. It means ‘peace’.
27. Tullia: This is the Irish name that means ‘peaceful’.
28. Ukuthula: This name is a mouthful, but definitely stands out. It has Zulu roots and means ‘peace’.
29. Winifred: This is a Welsh name that feels a little vintage and means ‘blessed peacemaker’. It also has origins in Teutonic and English languages. There was also a Saint with the same name.
30. Xola: Xola is a name that means ‘stay in peace’.
31. Zuelia: Zuelia means ‘brilliant’ and ‘peace’ and is Persian.
32. Zuma: Zuma is a name that means ‘peace’ and comes from the Arabic name Zulema.

43 Boy Names That Mean Peace

Boy Peace

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1. Aang: Aang is Chinese in origin. It means ‘peaceful soaring’. This is also the name of one of the main characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
2. Aarav: This is a Hindu name that means ‘peace and music’.
3. Aaru: This name is another one that means ‘peaceful’ and comes from Egypt. They refer to the fields where Osiris ruled.
4. Baris: Baris is a Turkish name that means ‘the peaceful one’. A lot of athletes from Turkey seem to have this name.
5. Bohumir: This is a Czech name that means ‘peaceful world’. It comes from words that mean ‘god’ and ‘peace of the world’.
6. Callum: Callum, also spelled as Calum, is a Scottish name that is also used in Ireland and means ‘dove’ or ‘peaceful ruler’. In Scotland, it means ‘of Saint Columba’.
7. Casimir: Casimir is a Polish name that means ‘bringer of peace’. It comes from the Polish name Kazimierz.
8. Colvyr: This is an Old English name that means ‘dove’ or ‘peaceful and calm’.
9. Frederick: Also spelled as Friedrich, this name from Germany means ‘peaceful ruler’. A unique shortening of it can be Fritz instead of Fred.
10. Galen: Galen is a fairly popular name. It originates from Greece and means ‘calm’. It can also mean ‘healer’.
11. Geoffrey: this name is an Anglo-Saxon one and means ‘pledge of peace’. It sounds a little old-fashioned but it is still somewhat popular.
12. Giotto: Giotto is Italian and refers to a pledge of peace.
13. Godfrey: Godfrey is a name that means ‘God’s peace’ in German. Normans brought the name to England in the Middle Ages and it became widely popular.
14. Heddwyn: This is a Welsh name that means ‘holy peace’.
15. Humphrey: This was once a popular name, but has died down quite a bit. It means ‘peaceful warrior’.
16. Imhotep: This is another Egyptian name that means ‘he comes in peace’. Another version of this name is Amenhotep. It means ‘peace of Amon’.
17. Irenaeus: This is the Latin version of the name Eirenaios and means ‘peaceful’. It was also the name of a bishop.
18. Jeff: Jeff is a very common name. It has English roots and means ‘God of peace’.
19. Kazuki: Kazuki means ‘hope of peace’ and is Japanese. Kazuko is another variation of the name.
20. Kynaston: This name means ‘royal peace settlement’ and is an English name. It was originally a surname but makes a cute and old-fashioned first name.
21. Levi: Levi has been used a few times in current culture and is gaining popularity. Many may know it as a denim company, but it is also a much-loved character in the anime Attack on Titan. It was originally a Hebrew name that meant ‘joined in harmony’.
22. Luam: Luam is an African name. It means ‘peaceful and calm’. This can be a gender-neutral name.
23. Malu: Malu is a Polynesian name that means ‘peace’.
24. Manfred: Manfred is a German name. It has the meaning ‘man of peace’.
25. Milo: Milo, Meelo, or Mylo are versions of an Eastern European name that means ‘merciful’. Miles is another version of this name.
26. Mirko: Mirko is a Slavic name. It means ‘the peaceful one’.
27. Miro: Short for Miroslav, which is another Eastern European name, means ‘lover of peace’.
28. Noah: Noah is a Biblical name, most famous for being the builder of the Ark. It is also a Hebrew name that means ‘peaceful rest’.
29. Paciano: This is a twist on the name Pax. It is Spanish and means ‘peaceful. It is common in both Spain and Italy. Pax also is a Roman god of peace and can be short for Paxton. This name is rising quickly in popularity.
30. Paco: Paco means ‘peace’ in Esperanto.
31. Placido: This is a name that means ‘serene and peaceful’ and is Italian in origin.
32. Rahu: Rahu means ‘peace’ in Estonian.
33. Rongo: Rongo is a Maori god. He is the ruler of both food and peace. It also comes from the Maori name Rangimarie.
34. Saladin: This is an Arabic name. It means ‘peace through faith’. This was also the name of the first sultan of Egypt and Syria.
35. Siegfried: This name seems a little old-school, but it is German in origin and means ‘victorious peace’.
36. Solomon: This is a Biblical and Hebrew name that means ‘wisdom’ and ‘peace’. Salamon is the Hungarian version of this name. Zalam is the Hebrew version of this name.
37. Salem: Salem is a Hebrew name meaning ‘peace’.
38. Stellan: This is a Scandinavian name meaning ‘calm’, ‘rest’, or ‘peace’. It also is associated with stars.
39. Tully: Tully is the more modern version of the name Tuathal. This means ‘peaceful’.
40. Udoka: Udoka is a Nigerian name. It means ‘peace is great’.
41. Wilfred: Wilfred is a popular name in the United Kingdom. It was also common for dogs for a while and has an old-school feel to it. It means ‘desires peace’.
42. Xolani: This is an African name that can be unisex. It means ‘peace’.
43. Yaroslav: This is a Slavic name that means ‘fierce and peaceful’.

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