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47 Names That Mean Night to Represent the Sweet Darkness

Nighttime is a period of darkness. To some, that may be something frightening, almost evil. To others, though, the night is when they find solace and peace and get to enjoy the beauty of the night. After all, nighttime is the only time one can see the stars and galaxies near us.

Names that mean night allow you to show how much you enjoy the darkness. It may also be a way to celebrate when your baby was born. If you want your child to be filled with the calm stillness of the night, give them a night name.

26 Girl Names That Mean Night

Girl Night

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1. Abital: Abital is a Hebrew and Jewish name that means ‘the night dew’ and ‘pure’. It is rarely used outside of these communities. It references King David’s Israelite wife.
2. Amaiah: Amaiah is a Japanese name. It has a couple of meanings such as ‘night rain’, ‘cheerful’, and ‘responsible’. It is a fairly rare name.
3. Amya: Amya is a Japanese, Arabic, and Basque name. It is thought to be derived from the name Amy. It means ‘soft’, ‘night rain’, or ‘the end’.
4. Anadil: Anadil is an Arabic name that means ‘nightingale’. Andalah is a variation of this name that means ‘song of the nightingale’. It is common in Arabic communities as well as in Egypt and Indonesia.
5. Chaitri: Chaitri is an Indian name that means ‘full moon night’. If you want a softer name, consider Chaitra as a variation. It also refers to the first month of the Hindu calendar. It means ‘beautiful’ and ‘happy’ too.
6. Chausiku: This is a Swahili and Kenyan name. It is mostly a last name but could make a unique first name in other countries.
7. Esmeray: Esmeray is a Turkish name that means ‘dark moon’. It is a common Muslim name.
8. Hanisha: Hanisha is a name that means ‘beautiful night’ or ‘sweet as honey’. It comes from Arabic communities but has roots in Muslim and Hindu cultures as well.
9. Hesperia: Hesperia is an old Greek name that means ‘evening’ or evening star’. It also has roots in Dutch and Spanish cultures. The masculine version of this name is Hesperus. Hesperia was the Greek goddess of evening and sunsets.
10. Ilta: Ilta means ‘evening’ and comes from Scandinavian and Finnish roots. It isn’t a very common name anywhere else though.
11. Jaamini: Meaning ‘night’ and ‘flower’, Jaamini is a beautiful name for a little girl. It isn’t popular anywhere in the world but comes from India. It is also a name that is sometimes found as a surname in Asia and means ‘the replacer’.
12. Kanjika: This name is from India. It has a very specific and unique meaning, ‘sour rice water that stands overnight’. While the meaning sounds strange, it essentially is a saying that means ‘uninterrupted time’.
13. Layla: Layla is a Persian name that means ‘night’, ‘dark’, or ‘dark beauty’.
14. Lila: Lila is an Arabic name that means ‘night beauty’ or ‘dark beauty’. It has French roots that mean ‘good night’.
15. Lilith: Lilith is a name that means ‘belonging to the night’. It has roots in Arabic, Assyrian, and Sumerian cultures. Lilith was the original wife of Adam in Judaic mythology.
16. Miyako: Miyako is a Japanese name that means ‘beautiful night child’. It was once popular in Japan but has started to decline in the last century.
17. Neisha: Neisha is a name that means simply ‘night’. It is a somewhat common name in Arabic or Hindu cultures. It also has meanings like ‘special’, ‘pure’, or ‘lovely flower’.
18. Nox: Nox is a name that means ‘night’. It has Latin and Greek roots and also refers to the Greek goddess Nyx. Nyx can also make a beautiful name.
19. Nuit: This is a German, Dutch, and Egyptian name that refers to the sky or nighttime. Nuit was also the goddess of the night sky in Egyptian mythology.
20. Raaina: Raaina is an Arabic name that refers to a queen. It may also mean ‘pure’, ‘clean’, or ‘night’. Raina is the more common variant.
21. Samira: Samira is an Arabic name that means ‘night companion’, or ‘one with lively conversation’. In Hebrew, this name also means ‘from heaven’.
22. Sura: Sura is an Arabic name that means ‘princess’, ‘travel by night’, or ‘brave’.
23. Twyla: Twyla is an English name that originated in America that means ‘nightfall’, ‘early evening’, or ‘twilight’. It comes from the word twilight.
24. Yamya: Yamya is a name that refers to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu from Hindu mythology. It also means ‘night’.
25. Yelda: Yelda is an Urdu and Turkish name that means ‘dark night’. It is used a lot in Muslim communities as a first name.
26. Yvaine: Yvaine is a name that refers to the evening star. It is used a lot in Scotland, but not much anywhere else. It is also one of the main characters of the movie and book Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

21 Boy Names That Mean Night

Boy Night

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1. Aibek: This is a Turkish name that means ‘master of the moon’.
2. Aayan: Aayan is a name that is popular in Muslim cultures and the Middle East. It has a few meanings, including ‘God’s gift’, ‘manifest’, ‘blessing’, and ‘long night’. It is actually fairly popular in the United States as well, so your baby boy won’t stand out too much but will be unique as well.
3. Aharnish: This name is Indian in origin. It means both ‘day’ and ‘night’. It is common in India but hasn’t really been used outside of that.
4. Budde: Budde is a name that means ‘night’ in India. It is also a common surname in Scandinavia.
5. Ciaran: Ciaran is a Gaelic name that means ‘dark’. It can be used for babies with dark hair or who are born at night.
6. Daegal: Daegal is an Anglo-Saxon name that means ‘dweller by the dark stream’ or ‘night dweller’. It comes from a word that also means ‘dawn’. It is a name with religious connotations, as the meaning ‘dweller by the dark stream’ also refers to the ‘light of Christ’s love that leads us out of our dark dream’.
7. Drewv: Drewv is an Indian name that means ‘the mighty night star’. It is a common first name among many Hindu people. The meaning refers to the North Star, Polaris.
8. Dyrk: Dyrk is an old German name for one who enjoys the nighttime. It is a twist on the English name Derek.
9. Gau: Gau means ‘calm as the night sky’. It is Australian and a rare name. It comes from the German name meaning ‘area of fertile agricultural land’.
10. Hoku: Hoku is technically a gender-neutral name but leans more toward use by men. It is Hawaiian in origin and means ‘night of the full moon’. It can also be spelled as Hokku.
11. Kishi: Kishi is a Hebrew name used for men. It is short for Kushaiah and it means ‘night’. It is also a name used in Japan and means ‘beach’ or ‘shoreline’. It was a popular name for the Edo period but for girls in Japan and not boys.
12. Kitkun: Kitkun is a Haida Native American name that means ‘night bird’.
13. Kokil: This is a Sanskrit name that refers to the nightingale bird.
14. Koko: Koko is a Japanese name that means ‘stork’ or ‘midnight’. It was also a name used by Blackfoot Native Americans. When spelled like Coco, it refers to chocolate and tends to be a more feminine name.
15. Orpheus: Orpheus is a Greek and German name that means ‘the darkness of the night’ or ‘the darkness of the netherworld’. He is also a prominent character in Greek mythology that is known for his musical skills.
16. Otieno: Otieno is a Kenyan name that means ‘born at night’. Its feminine version is Atieno. It is mostly used as a last name but has been seen to be used as a first.
17. Ponui: Ponui is a Maori name that means ‘long night’, ‘great night’, or ‘victory of the gods’. There is also an island near New Zealand known as Ponui Island.
18. Qamar: This name means ‘moon’ and has Arabic roots.
19. Raakesh: Raakesh is a common name in India, Malaysia, and England. It means ‘full moon day’, ‘lord of the night’, and ‘lord of the full moon night’.
20. Tynan: This is a Gaelic name that means ‘dark’.
21. Yiska: Yiska is a Navajo Native American name that references the end of the night and the start of a new day.

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