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Show That Your Child is Royalty With 49 Names that Mean King

Even though we no longer live in medieval times, royalty around the world still gets a great deal of attention from the general public. Whether it is scandalous affairs or an exciting engagement announcement, people are quick to join the conversation surrounding royalty.

If you want your child to be the center of attention just like the kings and queens of days gone by, choosing names that mean king could set them on the path to living life like royalty. These 49 names are a great way to start.

16 Girl Names That Mean King

Girl King

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1. Ade: This name means ‘king’ but can also be interpreted as ‘crown’ or ‘royalty’ in the Yoruba language of Nigeria.
2. Ara: A unisex name of Armenian origin, it means ‘king’ but can also mean ‘brings rain’, especially in particularly dry regions.
3. Aubrey: Although you might think this is a feminine name, it can be used for both boys and girls. The name has French and Germanic roots and means ‘king of the elves’ today.
4. Avery: A classic Old English name with many variations such as Avary, Avri, and Averi. The meaning, similar to Aubrey, is ‘elf king’.
5. Basil: Meaning ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’, this name has been traditionally used for boys but has seen some use in girls more recently.
6. Clovis: If your child is on the feisty side, this name is a great choice since it means ‘famous warrior king’.
7. Darya: Also written as Daria, this is the feminine version of Darius, which means ‘kingly’. It has both Russian and Persian origins.
8. Erica: Derived from Old Norse, this name means ‘sole ruler’ or ‘monarch’ although it can also mean ‘ever powerful’. It can also be seen as Erika, Ericka, and Ereka. This name is quite popular in Japan but doesn’t have the same meanings.
9. Harriet: This is just one of many variants that all trace back to the name Henry and carries the same meaning of ‘home ruler’ or ‘ruler of the homeland’.
10. Julian: While this gender-neutral name means ‘youthful’ or ‘Jove’s child’, Jove was the king of gods in ancient Roman beliefs.
11. Kinsey: Composed of the Old English words cyne and sige for ‘royal’ and ‘victory’ respectively, this name inspires success in a little girl’s future. There are several ways you could spell it to make it stand out as well, including Kinzie, Kynsey, and Kincey.
12. Paris: The first thing that springs to mind is the French capital city, Paris, but Paris is also the name of the Prince of Troy in Homer’s classic piece, Illiad. Either way, the name inspires thoughts of royalty or the upper class.
13. Reagan: This name means ‘little king’ and has been used both as a given and last name.
14. Rey: Translated from the Spanish word for ‘king’, this name might remind people of strong female characters like Rey from the newest Star Wars trilogy.
15. Ryan: Commonly given to male children, this name comes from Gaelic origins for ‘little king’ and has seen wider use in girls in recent years. Spellings like Rhian or Ryann can make the name feel a little more feminine.
16. Sigourney: This name has French roots and can mean ‘the conqueror’ or ‘daring king’. This unique name is gender-neutral but is more popular as a girl’s name these days.

33 Boy Names That Mean King

Boy King

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1. Addo: This Ghanaian name means ‘king of the path’. However, it can also mean ‘happy’ for a boy full of life.
2. Alaric: A unique name meaning ‘noble ruler’. It has Germanic and Latin roots.
3. Aldrich: Similar to Alaric, this name comes from an Old English word, ric, which means ‘ruler’. Together with the word ald, this name means ‘wise ruler’ or literally ‘old ruler’.
4. Ameer: Also written as Amir, this name means ‘prince’ which everyone knows becomes king with time.
5. Augustus: If being king isn’t enough for your child or character, this name also means ‘emperor’ for an even more commanding title. You can shorten this to August or Augusto while retaining the meaning.
6. Ayhan: Originating in Turkey, this name means ‘moon king’ or ‘king of the moon’.
7. Balder: This name means ‘king’ or ‘prince’ but is also the name of the god of light in Germanic mythology.
8. Caesar: Used as a title in Ancient Rome, today it can be given as a name and means ‘king’ or ‘ruler’.
9. Casper: With Persian roots, this name can also be spelled Kaspar or Kasper. It means ‘king of the treasure’.
10. Cassander: Originally meaning ‘brother of heroes’ in Greek, it is more often taken as ‘king’ today. Shortening the name to Cass is a great way to make this a unisex name.
11. Cyril: Another Greek name, it means ‘king’ or ‘lordly’. This has been a popular name across many countries for years.
12. Cyrus: This name is similar to Cyril but can mean ‘sun’ instead of ‘lordly’. There are many different ways to spell the name, including Cirus and Cirrus if you want to be creative.
13. Darius: One of the most famous Persian kings of all time, the name has become synonymous with the meaning ‘kingly’.
14. Delroy: This name originates from France and translates to ‘the king’. Many similar names typically involve the word, roy, which means ‘king’, such as Leroy, Elroy, and even just Roy.
15. Devendra: Meaning ‘king of the gods’, this is a powerful name of Indian and Hindi origins in the Sanskrit language.
16. Elric: Elric can simply mean ‘king’ but can be more widely interpreted as ‘a wise and kind ruler’. It has several variations as well like Elrick.
17. Emir: This name has Arabic and Turkish roots. In Arabic, it refers to almost any male official or high-status individuals like kings and military personnel. However, in Turkish, it can mean ‘prince’ and ‘local king’.
18. Eze: Outside of the continent of Africa, this is a very rare name which makes it unique at the same time. This name is used by the Igbo people to refer to nobility and typically means ‘king’ or ‘divine servant’.
19. Feroz: A name that means ‘name of a king’ and ‘triumphant’ like this one finds widespread use in many countries and cultures. This includes a variety of Arabic, Indian, Persian, and Urdu nations and peoples.
20. Gentian: While this name refers to a beautiful, mountain-dwelling flower, it is named after the king who supposedly discovered it and its uses, King Gentius of Illyria.
21. Jerrick: This name is a combination of the names Jerold and Derrick, making it quite modern. It still means things like ‘king forever’ and ‘the people’s ruler’ though.
22. Kaiser: Kaiser is the German spelling for Caesar and as such it carries the same meaning as Caesar. This means it can also be used to convey the meaning of ‘king’ or ‘emperor’.
23. Kian: Also spelled Cian, this name is rooted in Persian and Irish cultures. It means ‘king’ and ‘realm’.
24. King: What better way to remind your child that they should live like royalty than simply naming them King? This name is derived from an Old English word that means ‘tribal leader’ but as tribes grew and merged the meaning changed more to ‘ruler’.
25. Lot: This is a Hebrew name that doesn’t see much use today but meant ‘king’ back in the day.
26. Malik: This name has been used by Muslims around the world for years. Usually, in this context, it means ‘sovereign’ but can mean ‘king’ as well regardless of religion.
27. Melchior: One of the names of the three Magi or kings that visit during the birth of Jesus in the Bible, the name itself also means ‘king’ or ‘king of light’.
28. Mufasa: Perhaps the most iconic use of this name was for the character in Disney’s The Lion King. Mufasa consists of the Swahili word mufa which translates to ‘king’.
29. Raj: This already short name is actually a shortened form of raja in Sanskrit. Both mean ‘king’ or ‘royalty’ and it is a very common name, especially in India.
30. Rex: Latin for ‘king’. This name is very recognizable as it is the same word used for the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex.
31. Silko: This name often refers to Nubian kings specifically but can also mean things like ‘victory’.
32. Sultan: While it can be used as a name, it was often a title given to monarchs in Arabic nations. As the use as a title implies, it means ‘king’ or ‘ruler’.
33. Wang: This is a very common surname for people in China and other countries with heavy Chinese influence like Taiwan. It is usually only taken as ‘king’.

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