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Celebrate Winter: Choose One of These 73 Names That Mean Ice

For babies born in winter, you may want a name that reminds them of their origin. There are plenty of names out there for the winter season. Names that mean ice are in abundance as well. These names can be the perfect way to celebrate your child being born.

Even if your child wasn’t born in the heart of winter, snow and ice bring images of delicate snowflakes and beautiful, still scenery. If you want to capture that magic and give a name to your child that is reminiscent of that delicate beauty, a name meaning ice is perfect.

36 Girl Names That Mean Ice

Girl Names Ice

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1. Alaska: Alaska is the name of a U.S. state that is full of snow, ice, and permanent winter. It originates from a Native American word that means ‘great land’.
2. Amihan: This is a Filipino name that means ‘winter storm’.
3. Cherith: This is a Hebrew name and holds the meaning ‘winter stream’.
4. Crystal: Crystal is a type of stone, but it can also be a way to describe ice. If you want a more unique version of this name, you can use Krystallos, which is the original Greek version of that name.
5. Demetria: This name is related to Demeter, the Greek goddess that caused winter with her sorrow for the loss of her daughter. Demi is also a great way to shorten it.
6. Eira: Eira is a Welsh name that means ‘snow’.
7. Elsa: This name doesn’t directly mean snow or ice, but will remind everyone of those cold flakes thanks to the movie, Frozen. The name actually means ‘god is my oath’.
8. Fionnuala: This name means ‘white-shouldered’ and is an Old Irish name.
9. Frostine: Frostine comes from the word for ‘snow’ in French. It can also mean ‘frosty’ or ‘freezing’.
10. Fuyuko: This name means ‘winter child’ from Japan.
11. Gyeo-Wool: This name means ‘winter’ and is common in Korea.
12. Haukea: This name means ‘white snow’ in Hawaiian.
13. Higalik: This is an Inuit name that means ‘ice house’.
14. Hika: Hika is of Japanese origin. The name means ‘ice perfume’, ‘ice smell’, or ‘ice petal’, depending on the kanji and other words near it.
15. Icelyn: This name actually means ‘idealist’ and ‘compassionate’, but sounds similar enough to ice to make many people think of frosty days.
16. Isdis: This is an Icelandic name that means ‘ice goddess’.
17. Isey: Another Icelandic name, this one meaning ‘ice island’.
18. Ishildur: If you want a more fierce name for your baby girl, this Icelandic name means ‘ice battle’. Isolde is a name with the same meaning but with Celtic and Germanic roots instead.
19. Janara: Janara is from Janus, which is the god of snow in Roman mythology. Janara is simply the feminine version of his name.
20. Jokla: If you want a slightly different Icelandic name, this one means ‘icicle’ or ‘glacier’.
21. Juniper: This name refers to a winter-loving tree and has Latin origins.
22. Kalda: Kalda means ‘chill’ or ‘cold’ in Old Norse.
23. Khione: This is a Greek name that means ‘snow’. It can be found in Greek mythology. It may also be spelled Chione.
24. Kirsi: This is the Finnish word for ‘frost’. It can be considered a variation on the name Christina, though they have different meanings.
25. Lumi: Lumi is a Finnish name that means ‘snow’.
26. Lixue: A Chinese name that often is thought to mean ‘beautiful snow’. It can be a gender-neutral name.
27. Morana: Morana is the name of a Slavic goddess in control of both death and winter.
28. Nilak: This name means ‘freshwater ice’.
29. Neve: Neve is an Irish name that means ‘snowy and bright’. It can be a shortened version of Nieva, which is a Spanish name meaning ‘snowing’. You could make it longer by using Nieves, which is ‘Our Lady of the Snows’.
30. Piren: This name is Mapuche in origin and means ‘to snow’ or ‘to hail’.
31. Qinoq: This name means ‘ice sludge’. While the meaning itself isn’t that pretty, the name is and is related to the icy winter season.
32. Sarma: This name is Latvian and means ‘frost’. If you want a longer name, Sarmite means ‘frost’ and ‘freezing’.
33. Setsuko: Setsuko is another Japanese name meaning ‘snow child’.
34. Syvne: This is a Nenets name from Russia that means ‘winter woman’.
35. Talvi: Talvi is a name with Finnish origins meaning ‘winter’.
36. Tuarana: This name means ‘hunter on sea ice’ and is Greenlandic in its roots.

37 Boy Names That Mean Ice

Boy Names Ice

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1. Aisi: This name means ‘ice’ in Tongan.
2. Andri: This is an Icelandic name that means ‘snowshoe’.
3. Ayaz: Ayaz is a Turkish name that means ‘frosty’.
4. Boreas: Boreas was the Greek god of winter, and his name means ‘north wind’.
5. Chion: Chion is a name of Greek origin that means ‘snow’.
6. Eirwan: This name is Welsh in origin and means ‘white snow’.
7. Farbauti: This name is Norse in origin and is the name of the realm of icy giants.
8. Frediano: This is a common Italian name that means ‘cold’ and has several ways it can be shortened.
9. Himanshu: This is a Sanskrit name that means ‘ice particle’.
10. Himesh: This name is similar to the one above, but has Indian origins and means ‘lord of the snow’.
11. Ijsbrand: This is a unique Dutch name that blends words meaning ‘ice’, ‘iron’, and ‘sword’.
12. Isarr: This name means ‘ice army’. It has Icelandic and Old Norse roots.
13. Isbert: Isbert is a take on more common names like Gilbert and Hubert. It has Ancient Germanic roots and means ‘bright ice’.
14. Isbjorn: This is an Icelandic name meaning ‘ice bear’.
15. Iseldur: If you want a name that focuses on opposites, this name is Icelandic and means ‘fire’, and ‘ice’.
16. Isleifr: This is a name from the Old Norse roots and means ‘ice heir’.
17. Ismund: Similar to Edmund, this name means ‘ice protection’ and is based on Ancient Germanic.
18. Isolfr: This name means ‘ice wolf’ in Old Norse. It also has an Ancient Germanic form, Isulf.
19. Isward: This name is Ancient Germanic as well, and means ‘ice guard’.
20. Jaki: This is an Icelandic name that means ‘ice flow’.
21. Jokull: This name has Old Norse roots and means ‘ice’, ‘icicle’, or ‘glacier’.
22. Kanrou: This is a Japanese name that means ‘cold son’.
23. Ledimir: This is a name with Croatian and Serbian roots. It means ‘ice peace’. It can be shortened to Led, which is the Russian word for ‘ice’.
24. Morozko: This is a Russian name and its meaning is ‘father frost’.
25. Pyry: Pyry is a Finnish name that means ‘snowfall’.
26. Sikivat: This name is from Greenland and means ‘new ice’ or ‘thin ice’.
27. Sikunguak: This is another name from Greenland meaning ‘sweet little sea ice’.
28. Sioc: Sioc is a Gaelic name that is very rare to find nowadays and means ‘frost’ or ‘freezing’.
29. Tushar: Tushar is a Hindi name. It means ‘winter’, ‘snow’, or ‘frost’.
30. Ullr: This name is the same name shared by the Norse god of winter, skiing, and snow.
31. Urmas: This is a popular name in Estonia and means ‘frost’.
32. Vetle: Vetle is a Norwegian name and means ‘winter traveler’.
33. Warrin: This is a name that originates from the Australian Aboriginals that means ‘born in the colder months’.
34. Whittaker: This is an English name that means ‘white field’.
35. Yas: This is a short and simple name that comes from the Navajo and means ‘snow’.
36. Yukio: This is a Japanese name that means ‘snow’.
37. Zane: This is an English name that is common in the U.S. It means ‘white as snow’.

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