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Get In Touch With Nature With These 57 Names That Mean Earth

Earth is a part of life. It is the name of the planet that gave humans, plants, and animals a place to live, it is the ground we walk on, and it is what gives us all life. Naming your baby after the earth that supports us is only natural.

With these 57 names that mean earth, you can be sure that you are representing something of nature. Whether it be the plants that grow there, a certain type of land, or the gods and goddesses said to represent our planet, these names are a perfect choice.

29 Girl Names That Mean Earth

Girl Names Earth

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1. Abilene: Abilene has a Hebrew origin. Adapted from the word avel, this name’s closest translation is ‘meadow’. Abilene is also referenced in the Bible. It was a piece of land close to Galilaea.
2. Afra: Afra is a name with both Arabic and Hebrew history. It means ‘color of the earth’ and can also be spelled Aphra.
3. Ainsley: Ainsley can technically be a name given to a girl or a boy, but is often used for girls. It was originally a surname but has slowly grown into a common first name. It is an old English word that means ‘solitary woodland’.
4. Amadahy: This word means ‘forest water’ according to the Cherokee Native American language.
5. Avani: Avani means ‘earth’ and is from the Sanskrit language. Depending on where you come from, this name can be pronounced differently. It may be AV-an-nee or arV-nee.
6. Blodwen: Blodwen is a Welsh name. It is also the name of the first opera ever to be written in the Welsh language in the 1880s. The name means ‘white’, ‘fair’, or ‘blessed flowers’.
7. Chantal: This name means ‘made of stone’ and has a Greek origin. It can be shortened to Chan, which is a common Cambodian name and describes a tree with a sweetish smell.
8. Clover: Clover is a type of plant. It also means ‘she who clings lovingly’ and comes from a Germanic word.
9. Dionne: Dionne means ‘child of heaven and earth’, and is also of Greek origin.
10. Dunia: Dunia is an Arabic name. It has several meanings including ‘to be satisfied’, ‘earth’, and ‘world’.
11. Eden: Eden is the name for the most perfect place on Earth according to those that follow the teachings of the Bible. It also makes for a lovely girl’s name.
12. Eun-ji: Eun-ji is a common name in Korea. It often means ‘kindness’, ‘charity’, ‘mercy’, ‘earth’, ‘ground’, and ‘soil’. However, the hanja it is written with may change the meaning and there are a few options to choose from.
13. Farley: Farley is an English word that means ‘from the fern-covered clearing’. The name and the meaning are both beautiful.
14. Folda: Folda means ‘earth’ and comes from the Old Norse language. There is a Folda Festival as well, focused on celebrating digital art.
15. Gaia: Gaia is the name of an Ancient Greek goddess. She was the Earth personified and the mother of all life on the planet. There is even a hypothesis called the Gaia Hypothesis about life on Earth.
16. Ilana: Ilana, which is also often shortened to Ila, means ‘tree’ in Hebrew.
17. Ingilin: Ingilin is an Icelandic name. It means ‘god of the earth’.
18. Irati: Irati is a Basque name that means ‘fern field’. There is also the Irati Forest with thousands of hectares of unspoiled woodland near the Pyrenees.
19. Kalina: Kalina is a name that means ‘flower’. It is common in Poland and Bulgaria. It can also be considered to be derived from the name of the indigenous people who live near rivers in South America, the Kaline.
20. Leigh: Leigh is another gender-neutral name, though the male version is most often spelled as Lee. It is an old English word and means ‘meadow’, or ‘clearing in the woods’.
21. Omala: Omala means ‘earth’ and comes from India.
22. Orino: Orino is a name that means ‘workman’s meadow’. It originates in Japan. It is also the name for a village in Crete where butterflies are abundant.
23. Parvati: Parvati is an Indian name that comes from the Sanskrit language. It means ‘of the mountains’.
24. Petra: Petra is a name that came from the Greek word petros, which means ‘stone’ or ‘rock’.
25. Ripley: Ripley is an old English name. It means ‘strip of land by the clearing’. It can be considered a gender-neutral name and is much more popular in the U.S. than in other English-speaking countries.
26. Rochelle: Rochelle means ‘little rock’ in French.
27. Tierra: Tierra is a name that originates from Spain and means ‘for the earth’.
28. Tuva: Tuva means ‘tuft of grass’ and originates from Sweden. It is also considered similar to the Nordic name Tove. The name originally had a longer form that could be translated as ‘thunder’, ‘beloved’, or ‘beautiful’.
29. Zemyna: This is a name from the Baltic word zeme, which means ‘earth’.

28 Boy Names That Mean Earth

Boy Names Earth

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1. Aaron: Aaron is a name that means ‘high mountain’. Aaron is originally of Hebrew roots and was the brother of Moses. He was a character in the three major monotheistic religions; Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.
2. Acker: Acker means ‘field’ and originates from Germany.
3. Ajax: This name comes from an Ancient Greek name that means ‘earth’.
4. Brent: Brent is a Celtic word for ‘hill’ and a fairly common name to see around.
5. Bryn: Bryn is a name that is often used for girls, especially when spelled as Brynn. However, it can also be a boy name, especially for those from Wales. Bryn means ‘mound’ or ‘hill’.
6. Clay: Clay, short for Clayton, describes a type of earth.
7. Craig: Craig is the name of a rock feature. It is also a Celtic name that means ‘rock’.
8. Daichi: Daichi means ‘earth’ or ‘land’ and is common in Japan.
9. Diar: Diar is an Arabic name. It was also a name adopted by a vehicle company in Iran. The name means ‘expensive wood’.
10. Dimitry: This name has a Greek origin. It means ‘earth lover’.
11. Doruk: Doruk is a Turkish name. It isn’t used outside of Turkey or by groups of Turks in other countries very much, so the name is fairly rare. The name means ‘mountaintop’.
12. Enki: Enki is a Sumerian god of the earth, water, knowledge, crafts, and mischief.
13. Ewen: Ewen is a Scottish name. The name means ‘born of the yew tree’, which was a tree long considered sacred. The name originally was Eoghan and was given to Celts from the nobility, but it was anglicized to Ewen.
14. Foster: Foster is a name of Latin origin that means ‘keeper of the forest’.
15. Heath: Heath is an Anglo-Saxon surname. It was for people that lived on heaths, which are uncultivated patches of land with coarse grass and plants.
16. Hurste: Hurste is a name that means ‘forest dweller’.
17. Jasper: Jasper is a popular name and also describes a type of semi-precious stone.
18. Knox: Knox is a Gaelic name that has grown recently in popularity. It means ‘hill’.
19. Lam: Lam is a short and sweet name that originates from Vietnam and means ‘forest’.
20. Peter: Peter is a common name now, but it originally came from Greece. It means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’. The name Pierce was derived from the name Peter and is another alternative that means the same thing.
21. Rinji: Rinji is a Japanese name that means ‘a tranquil forest’.
22. Silvanus: Silvanus can be shortened to Sil. Sil is used to describe someone who belongs in the woods. Silos and Sill are also ways to shorten this name. Silvanus was originally a Latin name and was once a name given to the god of trees and forests.
23. Tapio: Tapio has Nordic and Estonian roots. It is an old name, first recorded in 1467 as the name for the Finnish god of hunts and forests. The name means ‘ruler of the forest’.
24. Tellus: Tellus is a Latin word that means simply ‘earth’.
25. Terran: Terra is a word that means ‘earth-man’ in old English.
26. Trevelyan: This name is a Cornish one. It started out as a surname in areas around Cornwall and Wales but started to be turned into a first name in recent years. The name means ‘homestead on the hill’.
27. Vesa: Vesa is a common Finnish name pronounced VEH-sah. It can also be found in Albania, where it tends to be more of a girl’s name and is pronounced as VEE-sar. The name means ‘sprout’ or ‘young tree’.
28. Wekesa: Wekesa is a name that means ‘born during harvest’. It comes from the East African region.

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