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Representing Ice and Sky: 49 Names That Mean Blue

Blue is a color that is all around us. It is the color of the sky, water, some flowers, and even ice and snow. Blue is a color that is considered majestic, rare, and powerful in many parts of the world, and names that mean blue are highly prized.

These 49 names will allow you to empower your baby boy or girl with a name with the unique definition of blue or something related to the color blue. You will find plenty of options to choose from that might help you pick the perfect name.

24 Girl Names That Mean Blue

Girl Blue

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1. Aeluin: Aeluin is an English name that means ‘blue lake’ or ‘mountain lake’. This name describes the bright blue color of mountain lakes, such as the ones in Mount Gambier in Australia.
2. Afina: Afina is an old Hebrew and Romanian name that means either ‘blueberry’ or ‘female deer’. It also is a name that can be found in Arabic-speaking languages, where it means ‘honesty’.
3. Amrin: Amrin is a Muslim name that means ‘blue sky’.
4. Atasi: Atasi is a Hindu name that means ‘blue flower’.
5. Azula: Azula is a Persian and American name that simply means ‘blue’. Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender may also be familiar with this name. As a variation, you can try Azura instead.
6. Claramay: This name actually mixes two colors, blue and pink.
7. Doli: Doli is a Navajo Native American name that means ‘bluebird’. It comes from the word doliitchii. It is also a somewhat common name in India.
8. Fairuza: This name comes from Arabic and Persian cultures. It means ‘turquoise’. It is the feminine version of Firus.
9. Hinto: Hinto is a unisex name that originates from the Dakota Native Americans. It means ‘blue-haired’ or just ‘blue’. Since blue eyes are fairly rare in Native American tribes, especially back then, it was a rare, but powerful name.
10. Indigo: Indigo is technically a unisex, Greek name, but is far more common for women. Indigo is the name of a shade of blue and a popular dye. It is also a name that means ‘Indian’ or ‘from India’.
11. Lapis: Lapis is a Persian name that refers to blue gemstones. Many people believe that lapis lazuli has the ability to cure ailments.
12. Larmina: Larmina means ‘blue sky’. It is a common name among Muslims and has Persian history. This name specifically refers to the blue sky of the heavens.
13. Lilac: Lilac is the name of a pretty flower that tends to be purplish-blue in color. The name is English but comes from Persian and Arabic origin.
14. Linna: Linna is a Scandinavian name. Linnea, Linn, and Lina are other common variations. It started as a surname but quickly became popular in some countries as a first name. It means ‘small blue flower’, ‘free woman’, ‘warrior’, ‘soft’, or ‘fortress’, depending on which way you spell the name.
15. Livie: Livie is a Latin name that simply means ‘blue’.
16. Marilee: This is a name that means ‘star of the blue sea’.
17. Mazarine: Mazarine is a French name that means ‘deep blue color’. The name became popular after a Catholic cardinal that was much loved had the name name.
18. Nilla: Nilla is a Sanskrit name that means ‘blue’ or ‘dark blue’. It is popular in many Western countries and parts of India.
19. Odeta: Odeta is an Albanian name that means ‘blue sea’.
20. Qing: Qing is a Chinese name that can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty. It means ‘blue’, ‘green’, or ‘young’.
21. Ruka: Ruka is a name that is used in many different languages. In Islam, this name means ‘gold’, but in Japanese, it means ‘bright blue flower’, and ‘spiritual’.
22. Safaia: This is a Polynesian name that refers to the gemstone sapphire. It is a rare name but can be found in Malaysia.
23. Sinikka: This is a Finnish name that means ‘blue’. It comes from the word sini, which means ‘blue color’. This name can also be shortened to just Sini.
24. Sunil: Sunil is a Sanskrit name that means ‘dark blue’ or ‘sapphire’. You can also use the name Sunila.

25 Boy Names That Mean Blue

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1. Aciano: This is a Spanish word that refers to the blue cornflower.
2. Aoki: This is a Japanese name. It is technically a gender-neutral name and means ‘blue tree’.
3. Aouli: Aouli is a Hawaiian name that means ‘vast blue sky’ or ‘beautiful feeling’. Most names in Hawaii refer to a feeling or setting. Aouli is best translated as the feeling of walking outside and looking up to a blue sky.
4. Azraq: Azraq is an Arabic name meaning ‘blue’ or ‘pure’.
5. Bisman: Bisman is a shade of dark blue or black in India.
6. Caeso: Caeso means ‘blue-gray’ and comes from Latin and Roman origins. It can also be spelled Kaeso. It comes from the Latin word caesius which shares the same meaning and was used more often to describe eye color. It was originally a surname but can be a good first name too.
7. Chimalus: Chimalis is a Delaware Native American name. It means ‘bluebird’.
8. Gazir: Gazir is a Hindu and Arabic name. It has several meanings including ‘comfortable’, ‘ample’, ‘plentiful’, and ‘blue’. It is pretty common in India as a name. Another spelling is Ghazir.
9. Gorman: Gorman is a name that means ‘blue-eyed one’, ‘noble’, or ‘dark blue’. It is Irish in origin and comes from the word gorm, which means ‘blue’. It is more common as a surname than a first name.
10. Indivar: Indivar is a Sanskrit name that means ‘blue lotus’ or ‘blessing’. It is a popular name among Hindu people and is connected with Vishnu.
11. Jaibrian: This is an Arabic name that means ‘bluebird’ or ‘noble’.
12. Juggy: Juggy is a name that comes from India. It means ‘victory of blue’ and is popular among those that follow the teachings of Hinduism.
13. Marlais: Marlais is a Welsh name that means ‘blue’. It is a surname, but a very rare one. Most people with such a surname tend to be found in Croatia.
14. Mavi: Mavi is a name that means ‘blue’ and is Turkish in origin.
15. Navy: Navy has many meanings, including the name of a branch of the U.S. military, and a type of dark blue color. It is the same shade of blue that used to be known as maine blue. Those in this branch of the military or fans of the sea may find this name perfect for their baby boy.
16. Neel: Neel is a Hindu name that means ‘sapphire blue’, ‘sky’, ‘cloud’, and ‘champion’. It comes from the name Cornelius in Latin, or Nigellus in French. It can also be a shortened version of Neelandri, which means ‘blue mountains’ in Sanskrit.
17. Okko: Okko is a Finnish name. It means ‘the color of blue’, ‘blue colored’, ‘god’s spear’, ‘deer love’, and ‘champion warrior’.
18. Oldrik: Oldrik is a German name that has the meanings ‘the blue hill’, ‘blue peak’, and ‘the power of richness’.
19. Puskara: This is an Indian name that means ‘blue lotus’.
20. Shyam: Shyam is a name that means ‘dark’, ‘black’, or ‘blue’. It is a common name in India. It can refer to almost any dark color, including gray, green, sable, brown, blue, or black. It is also another name for the Hindu god Krishna.
21. Thanh: This is a Vietnamese name that means ‘blue’, ‘green’, or ‘young’. It can also mean ‘brilliant blue’ or ‘delicate sky’. It just depends on the symbols used to make up the name.
22. Urdin: Urdin is a Spanish name that means ‘blue’. It is a somewhat uncommon surname that can make a unique first name for your baby.
23. Viorel: Viorel is a Romanian name that refers to the bluebell flowers.
24. Yahto: Yahto is a Lakota Native American name that means ‘blue’. There are some arguments about where this name comes from, with some people saying it is a Sioux name, and others saying it is a Hebrew name.
25. Zeru: Technically a gender-neutral name, Zeru is the word for ‘blue’ in the Basque region.

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