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Show Your Mysterious Side with 58 Names That Mean Black

Whether you enjoy the darkness and things that mean black, or you have a baby with a dark complexion and black hair, names that mean black can be the perfect choice for you. Some of these names have a long history and are commonly found while others are rare and more unique.

No matter what you are looking for, we are sure that one of these 58 names that mean black or are related to blackness will be perfect for your baby.

27 Girl Names That Mean Black

Girl Names Black

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1. Adriana: Adriana is a Latin name. It refers to the people from the Adriatic and those who have darker complexions. It is the feminine form of Adrian or Adrianus.
2. Blakely: Blakely is a name that comes from the mix of the word black and leah which means ‘woodland clearing’. It creates a name that means ‘dark wood’ or ‘dark clearing’.
3. Brenna: Brenna was originally a Gaelic name before it gained popularity throughout the world. It means ‘raven’ or ‘black-haired’ and is the feminine version of Brennan.
4. Catahecassa: This name was originally a Native American name that means ‘black hoof’.
5. Ceara: Ceara is an originally Irish name that means ‘famous’ or ‘black’. It can also be spelled as Sierra.
6. Cedron: Cedron is a Hebrew name that means ‘black’ or ‘sad’. It refers to the brook below Jerusalem’s wall in the Bible and is a sacred place for many.
7. Charna: Charna means ‘dark’ or ‘black’ and is a Yiddish name. It is usually used for children born with black hair. It’s an alternative to Ciar.
8. Chi: Chi is a Japanese name. It works for both boys and girls and means ‘black’. Specifically, it refers to the blackness in the soul.
9. Duvessa: There are many variations of this name, including Duvesa, Duvesah, Duvessah, and Dubheasa. It means ‘dark beauty’ and is most common in Ireland.
10. Ebonique: This is an Egyptian name that means ‘black’ or ‘black wood’. It comes from the word ebony, which can be a name in its own right.
11. Esmeray: Esmeray is a Turkish name that means ‘dark moon’.
12. Kali: Kali is known as the goddess of Shiva in Indian mythology. She is also referred to as the ‘black one’.
13. Kara: Kara is a name that has been around for a while and can be found in the history of many countries. It also has many meanings, including ‘black’, ‘dark’, ‘courageous’, ‘wild and stormy one’, and ‘dear’. In certain parts of Turkey, this is a masculine name.
14. Lilith: Lilith isn’t a name that means dark or black, but it refers to a demon in mythology, especially Mesopotamian mythology. The name is roughly translated to ‘ghost’ or ‘night monster’. It can be shortened to Lil, Lily, or Lila. Lila in Arabic means ‘night’ or ‘play’ in Sanskrit.
15. Maureen: Maureen is a bit of an older name, and isn’t so popular anymore. It comes from the word mairin, which means ‘dark’ or ‘bitter’.
16. Melanie: Melanie is a Greek and French name that means ‘dark’ or ‘black’. It can also be spelled as Melany or Mellony. It was also the name of a Roman saint who gave all her money to charity.
17. Nerissa: Nerissa is a name meaning ‘black-haired’ or ‘from the sea’. It can be translated to mean ‘nymph’ or ‘sea spirit’ as well.
18. Nisha: Nisha is an Indian name that means ‘dark’ or ‘night’.
19. Onyx: Onyx refers to a black gemstone. It works for women or men. It also comes from the Greek word onyx which means ‘claw’ or ‘nail’.
20. Rajani: This name is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘dark’ or ‘of the night’.
21. Sauda: Sauda is a Swahili name that means ‘dark beauty’.
22. Sunako: This is a Japanese name that means ‘the sand child’ or ‘the dark side’.
23. Tamisra: Tamisra refers to one who is full of darkness. It is a name given to a girl and originates from Bengali.
24. Wamuiru: This name originates from Africa, specifically Kenya, and means ‘a dark skinned beauty’.
25. Yami: Yami is a name that can be unisex, but is mostly for women. It means ‘darkness’ and comes from Japan.
26. Zelda: Zelda is an old German name that may remind people of video games, but originally means ‘dark battle’.
27. Zilla: Zilla is a Hebrew name and means ‘shadow’.

31 Boy Names That Mean Black

Boy Names Black

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1. Anbus: Anbus is a Persian and Arabic name. It means ‘ebony’ or ‘black wood’. It also relates to a type of wood known as ebony wood.
2. Adham: Adham is a name that means ‘dark’ or ‘black’ and comes from Arabic roots. It specifically comes from the darkness of the prized black stallions of the Arab people.
3. Ashvat: Ashvat is a Sanskrit and Hindu name that means ‘holy tree’, ‘strong’, or ‘black horse’. It is a popular name in India.
4. Balmore: Balmore is a name that means ‘he who comes from the dark black hill’. It is an old Scottish surname, and is more common as a surname than a given name, though it works as both.
5. Bisman: Bisman is an Indian and Punjabi name that means ‘black’ or ‘dark blue’. If you get rid of the last letter of the name, you get the feminine version, which is Bisma.
6. Blake: Blake comes from the old English word blaec, which means ‘black’. It can also mean ‘dark’. It was a common surname before gaining popularity as a first name. Now, it is more gender-neutral than masculine.
7. Bron: Bron is a name that means ‘dark’ or ‘brown man’.
8. Caliban: Caliban is a name that isn’t very popular. It was originally a Romanian name and means ‘black’. The reason it is thought to not be very popular is that it shares connections with words such as ‘cannibal’ and the insult ‘you dog’ in other languages. Additionally, Shakespeare used the name for a deformed witch’s child in The Tempest.
9. Chogan: Chogan is a Native American name, specifically Siksika, that refers to blackbirds. It is also a name used a lot to symbolize sorcery and mystery. It is a name of a mysterious place in India as well, despite being a masculine name.
10. Cole: Cole is an English name that means ‘cole black’ or ‘swarthy’. It comes from the word charcoal.
11. Dade: This name means ‘dark and moody’ and comes from Latin origins.
12. Darcus: Darcus means ‘dark’ or ‘strong one’.
13. Dolan: Dolan is a name given to those with dark hair. The name means ‘dark’ or ‘bold’ and has Irish roots. It is a shortened version of the surname O’Dubhlain.
14. Donovan: Donovan is a name that means ‘dark warrior’. It is Irish in origin and comes from the old surname O’Donndubhain.
15. Doyle: Doyle is another Irish name that means ‘stranger’ and is adapted from the surname O’Dubhghaill.
16. Edhem: Edhem means ‘dark skinned’ or ‘black’. It comes from the Arabic and Bosnian regions of the world.
17. Glenden: Glenden can be shortened to Glen. It means ‘from the dark glen or valley’.
18. Huyen: This name means ‘jet black’ and originates from Vietnam.
19. Inali: Inali means ‘black fox’ and is from the Cherokee Native Americans. It can be turned into Inola to be feminine.
20. Kai: Kai is a unisex name as well, though most common for men. It means ‘mystery’ or ‘black’.
21. Kass: Also spelled as Cass, this name refers to blackbirds and has German and Czech roots. It can be masculine or feminine.
22. Kier: Kier is a name of Irish origin that means ‘black’ or ‘dark’.
23. Kuro: Kuro is a girl’s name that means ‘black’ but works for men and originates from Japan.
24. Mayon: Mayon is a name from India. It refers to their black god, also known as Lord Krishna.
25. Nigel: Nigel is a Latin and Gaelic name that means ‘raven-haired’, ‘black’, ‘dark’, ‘champion’, or ‘dark complexion’. It can be shortened to Neil or lengthened to Nigellus.
26. Niro: Niro is a Latin name that means ‘strong’, ‘vigorous’, and ‘dark’.
27. Nox: Nox is a Latin and Greek word that refers to the goddess of the night. It is a good unisex name. An alternative to this name is Nyx or Knox.
28. Peran: Peran is a Cornish name that means ‘little dark one’.
29. Siavash: This is a Persian name. It refers to someone who has black or dark horses.
30. Tirich: Tirich refers to a valley in Mulkow but also has the meaning ‘a shadow’ or ‘darkness’.
31. Tynan: Tynan is an Irish name that means ‘dark and dusty’.

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