The Porcelain Throne: 12 Most Expensive Toilets in the World

There are some nice and fancy toilets out there that make you feel like royalty as you sit on them. That’s why it’s called a porcelain throne, right? But even the nicest toilets have nothing on the 12 most expensive toilets in the world.

To understand how expensive and extra these toilets are, realize you can’t even buy the top four. They aren’t for sale at all, despite their price tag. And you know it’s bad when a toilet called the millionaire’s toilet isn’t even on this list.

12 Most Expensive Toilets in the World

12. Neo-Metro’s Neo Comby – $5,938


Image source: Pinterest

Hate having to move to wash your hands to use the toilet? Neo-Metro understands you. Their Neo Comby toilet includes a sink into their toilet so you just have to turn around to wash your hands.

The toilet and the sink use separate water inlets, so you never have to worry about where that hand-washing water is coming from. There is also a towel rack and a toilet paper holder included on the toilet itself.

This makes it great for small spaces. The design itself is sleek and metallic, almost reminiscent of an airplane toilet, but upgraded. The best part is that this toilet can work with cistern flushing and residential water supplies so that you don’t have to add a commercial line.

11. ToTo’s Miyabi Collection – $7,150


Image source: Pinterest

Toto has a simple and sleek design in the Miyabi Collection. You can get both the toilet and the sink to have a matching design as well. The toilet itself is sleek and white, with painted designs to represent the seasons.

You can see bamboo and plums made to represent summer, a maple leaf for fall, pine trees for winter, and plum trees for spring. Pick your favorite one, or be extra, buy all four, and change them out with every season!

10. ToTo Neorest NX1 – $8,265


Image source: Pinterest

Toto’s toilet may look minimalist, but its features are endless. You can get the benefits of a toilet such as a soft-close lid, a heated seat, and a deodorizer. When you have the money to pay for an expensive toilet, your excrement really doesn’t have to stink like everyone else’s.

While it can’t clean itself, it does have systems set in place to reduce grime and extend the time before it needs to be cleaned again. You don’t even have to use harsh chemicals like bleach to kill off dangerous microorganisms.

9. INAX USA Toilet – $8,599


Image source: Inax.com

If you want a toilet that can do almost everything for you, the INAX toilet is the perfect option. As you approach, it will not only lift the lid, but it will also start to heat the seat.

It even plays you a nice tune as you approach and starts to deodorize. If you look at one of these, you may notice that the toilet doesn’t seem to have a handle to flush. That’s because it will even flush for you as you walk away.

The prices vary depending on the settings you get, but you can expect it to cost somewhere between $5,600 and $8,599.

8. Kohler Numi Toilet – $9,750


Image source: Pinterest

The Kohler Numi Toilet may be expensive, but it has a lot of features to make using the bathroom feel like a luxurious experience. You can find features such as a motion-activated lid that both opens and closes by itself and a bidet built in that allows for adjustment of the temperature, pressure, and sprays, and will even dry your rear when you are done.

If that wasn’t enough, it has a charcoal filtration system to keep your toilet smelling clean, a seat and foot warmer, light panels for nighttime use, a sound system where you can dock a device or use Bluetooth, and a touchscreen remote and charger.

If you want to actually feel like you are sitting on a throne, this toilet may be a great option for you. The only thing it is lacking is a self-cleaning option. But if you can afford this toilet, you can probably afford to hire a maid as well, for $9,750.

It also has a unique and sleek look that is often defined as space age.

7. Julien Bench Toilet – $11,475


Image source: Pinterest

This is the last one on our list that could be considered a normal toilet by any stretch of the imagination. The Bench toilet introduced by Julien Inc, and designed by Troy Adams was finished in 2007.

The design on this toilet was focused on those that don’t just want a porcelain furniture piece hanging around, even if it is known as a throne by many. When not being used, it can be tucked away behind a sliding panel and act as a bench instead.

6. Herbeau 5501 Dagobert Solid Ash Toilet – $14,309


Image source: Pinterest

Moving away from normal toilets and into the real magic, the Solid Ash Toilet is a unique one. It’s known as Dagobert, which comes from King Dagobert, who was the last ruler of the Merovingian dynasty in the 8th Century in France.

The toilet itself is over five feet tall and looks more like a mix of a toilet and a throne than a standard toilet. In addition to a place to vacate your bowels, there is a musical chime that plays every time you open the toilet, a place to set your candle, and an ashtray. When you flush, a bell will ring as well, so you get immediate help as soon as you are done.

This toilet has been called a “delight even to the most jaded Royal”. It is made mostly from ash wood but also has some hand-painted features.

Though it looks like it, it isn’t actually an ancient toilet. It was designed as a part of the Herbeau Kitchen Couture line that blends modern and classic styles. Perfect for anyone choosing the off-grid lifestyle or that can still use the bathroom when the power is out.

5. Swarovski Studded Toilet – $75,000


Image source: Pinterest

Have you ever wanted a toilet, sink, and tub covered in Swarovski crystals? You’re in luck! This toilet is part of a three-part series including a sink and bathtub. The whole collection is known as Isis.

This toilet is only $75,000 and was designed by Jemal Wright of Hollywood, Florida. This one is actually functional and can be purchased by anyone.

Some say you can even custom-order one for yourself and choose different sizes, shapes, and stones. He has cheaper options for non-studded toilets as well if shiny gems aren’t your thing.

4. Swarovski Crystal Toilet – $128,000


Image source: Pinterest

If you thought one toilet covered in Swarovski crystals wasn’t enough, you’d be surprised to see that there is a second one on this list. The Swarovski Crystal Toilet was last featured in the Lixil showroom in Japan in 2011.

The high price tag has a lot to do with the 72,000 Swarovski crystals that are handset into the toilet. It took a month to set every one of the crystals into the toilet.

The artist said that the piece was designed to show off Japan’s high-end shopping district.

Though it has a price tag, the toilet isn’t, and has never been, for sale. It was made to attract wealthy shoppers and tourists and stay in the Lixil showroom until the end of 2011. After that, no one really knows where it went.

3. Moon River Art Park Toilet – $750,000

Park Toilet

Image source: News.cgtn.com

Moon River Art Park is located in Shanghai. This toilet is free to use for anyone that visits, though there is an entrance fee into the park itself. Despite being free to use, this toilet is worth an estimated $750,000. It is one of the most eco-friendly toilets available on this list since it is nothing more than a cave.

If you are shy or don’t enjoy using the bathroom out in nature, this bathroom may not be for you. It is located within a 10,000-foot man-made cavern that anyone can visit throughout the whole year.

No need for a book, you can enjoy seeing bats, stalactites, and the cool dampness of the cavern. You can also appreciate how it took sculptors more than a year to make it.

On a busy day, over 10,000 people can visit the park, and almost all of them use the toilet.

2. Hang Fung Gold Toilet – $5 Million

Gold Toilet

Image source: Pinterest

Also known as the Toilet Shrine to Lenin, the Hang Fung Gold Toilet is more for show than use. In fact, it couldn’t be used even if someone wanted to, because the toilet isn’t functional.

It is located in the Hall of Gold as a demonstration bathroom that is available for public viewing. It’s not just a toilet made out of gold, but it is made solidly from gold.

It was commissioned by a shop owner in China named Winger Lam, as a sort of shrine to Vladimir Lenin. Apparently, Lenin once wrote something about how all bathrooms should be made from gold, so Lam decided to replicate it.

In addition to the $5 million toilet, the rest of the bathroom is a design in and of itself as well. There is a gold trash can, a gold sink, and gold details on every surface. In addition to all the gold, there are 6,000 very expensive gems.

1. Toilet from the International Space Station – $19 Million

Space Station

Image source: Pinterest

The most expensive toilet ever made was designed for NASA. It was made for the unique challenges of outer space. It was originally built in 2008 in November by Russia.

It has features like leg braces to help keep astronauts in the right place when they are using it. It also recycles human waste on the space station to not waste precious water while astronauts are out there.

There are also specially designed fans to pull in all of the human waste so nothing ends up floating around where it shouldn’t. This waste is then filtered into septic tanks and recycled. It is the only toilet with the capability of pulling water out of waste and purifying it for drinking.

Not only was this toilet expensive to make, but it holds a lot of potential for future space trips. Even now, many scientists are working on how to make it even more efficient for long trips to places like Mars.

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