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The 9 Ice Roller Benefits for Facial Use

Similar to jade rolling products, ice rollers are tools you cool in the fridge or freezer before applying to the face. Although the science behind ice rolling is still underway, the results are promising. You should be taking advantage of these 9 ice roller benefits as part of your skincare routine.

9 Benefits of Ice Rollers

Ice Rollers

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Ice rollers combine many of the same benefits as other products like ice masks and jade rollers into a single, convenient package. Ice rolling is perfectly safe for daily use but as with any new beauty product, it’s best to test a small area slowly before fully incorporating it into your routine.

1. Inflammation Relief

As with anything cold, ice rollers relieve symptoms of inflammation. This means reducing swelling as well as redness and pain. This is useful for people with severe acne but is also beneficial for anyone who happens to get an injury on the face.

It also works if you get your wisdom teeth removed, or another internal face injury that would cause swelling and inflammation.

The cooling effect of an ice roller can also help with sunburns since the skin is still inflamed from overexposure to the sun’s rays. When used regularly to keep inflammation down, your skin heals faster.

2. De-puffing

One of the main reasons to use jade rollers on your face in the morning is to de-puff the face. Ice rollers can be used for the same reason and to greater effect. Puffiness when you wake up in the morning is often the natural result of lymphatic fluid buildup.

The physical rolling and pressing motion of an ice roller on the face encourages the lymphatic fluid to drain and thereby reduces puffiness. If you find that your face gets puffier throughout the day, an ice roller helps more than a jade roller. The ice roller’s cold surface helps constrict lymphatic vessels so less fluid builds in the face as you go about your day.

3. Toning and Massage

All kinds of massages across the human body improve mood, so why would massaging your face be any different? With proper ice rolling technique, you get a gentle massage on the sensitive skin of your face to make you feel better.

Massaging the face with an ice roller can also have a minor toning effect as the muscles get worked slightly. The coolness boosts micro-circulation to invigorate the facial skin for toning.

4. Reduced Muscle Tension

The cool, rubbing sensation of an ice roller massage often relieves tension in muscles around the face. This is especially useful for people who suffer from constant headaches and migraines. To get this kind of relief, you would need to focus your ice rolling on the temples and forehead.

People who experience tightness and pain in the jaw can also benefit from ice rolling along the jawline for the same reason. If you venture a little further down, you can address neck pains that stem from tense or damaged muscles.

5. Faster Healing

In addition to circulation helping with toning, increased circulation supports healing efforts. A constant supply of fresh, nutrient-filled blood goes a long way in a speedy recovery from a painful injury or acne outbreak.

Because you control inflammation when you use an ice roller, your body doesn’t have to fight itself during the healing process either. Just be careful to not overdo the ice rolling, otherwise, you could actually damage the skin and healing can take longer.

6. Anti-Aging

The benefit that everyone wants from any beauty product, including the ice roller. Luckily, ice rollers do provide anti-aging benefits in a variety of ways.

Regular use of an ice roller can shrink pores and tone the skin, make the skin plum and firm, as well as reducing fine age lines, and brightening your overall complexion. However, you shouldn’t expect these benefits right away. It often takes a month or longer before you’ll see these perks from your ice roller.

7. Exfoliation

A high-quality ice roller will gently exfoliate the skin as you shift it back and forth across your face. By removing the dead cells on the surface of your skin and promoting new cell production, your skin looks younger and healthier.

Not only does exfoliation help your skin look healthy and bright, but it also prevents dead skin cells from becoming a host to acne-causing pathogens. This means fewer and less severe outbreaks across your face.

8. Fights Acne

Between the increased circulation, reduced swelling and redness, as well as exfoliation, ice rollers might just be one of the best tools out there to fight acne. To sweeten the deal even more, ice rolling is a natural, chemical-free way to control acne as opposed to harsh treatments with detrimental side effects.

9. Better Beauty Product Absorption

When done in the right order, ice rolling in your beauty routine can improve the efficacy of your other products like serums. Cleansing the face is first but then you must apply your topical products before using your ice roller.

The reason why you use an ice roller after applying serums and oils is that the roller can help distribute the products if you missed an area. The cold ice roller also causes pores to contract and shrink. When this happens, any product close to or over a pore will be pulled deeper into the skin for a greater effect.

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