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Girl Names That Mean Love for the Little Girl in Your Life

There is no better way to tell your newborn little girl that you love them than by giving them a name that shows that. Girl names that mean love not only prove to your daughter how much you care but also ensure their future is full of love and happiness.

Some of these names have a double meaning, allowing your daughter to be powerful and loved, or connected to things like the sea. No matter which of these 59 names you choose, your daughter will be sure to thank you.

59 Girl Names That Mean Love

1. Abasiama: This is a name that means ‘loved by God’. It has a Nigerian origin.
2. Ahava: Ahava is a Hebrew name that means ‘cherished one’.
3. Aiko: Aiko is a Japanese name. It means either ‘little loved one’ or ‘beloved child’. It is pretty popular in Japan.
4. Amanda: Amanda is a name that means ‘worthy of love’. It is a Latin name. It shares similarities with the Spanish name Amada, which means ‘loveable’.
5. Amora: This is a name that means ‘love’. It can also be spelled as Amoura. Amorette is a slightly longer version of the name and means ‘beloved’.
6. Amy: Amy is a name that means ‘beloved’. It can also be spelled as Aimee and is Latin in origin. The spelling, Amy, has more French and Latin origins and is a popular middle name.
7. Avila: Avila is a German name that means ‘desired’, ‘island’, or ‘water’.
8. Aziza: Aziza is an Arabic name that means ‘powerful and beloved’. It is a great name for those that want a daughter that is full of love, and independence. It is also a good name for those that enjoy palindromes.
9. Cara: Cara, also spelled as Kara is a name that means ‘love’. It is a name that is Italian in nature. You can also try Caera, which is similar in name and origin.
10. Carina: Carina means ‘dear little one’ and also has Italian roots.
11. Carissa: Carissa is a Latin name that means ‘most beloved one’ and ‘loving and benevolent’. It also is common in Greece and means ‘love’.
12. Carwen: Carwen is a Welsh name that means ‘love’ as well as ‘blessed’.
13. Carys: This is a Welsh name that has the meaning ‘love’. It was brought to the US in 2003 and was first used in Wales in the late 19th century so it is still a very new name.
14. Cherie: Cherie is the word the French use to refer to someone sweet. It can be translated to ‘sweetie’ in English. Cher is a popular way to shorten the name.
15. Cerys: Cerys is a Welsh name that means ‘love’. It is common in Wales, but the name hasn’t gathered popularity in countries over the sea.
16. Cordelia: This is a name that means ‘heart of the sea’ or ‘heart’. It is Latin or Celtic in origin. It can be shortened to Cora.
17. Daryl: Daryl can be a girl’s or a boy’s name. It means ‘beloved’.
18. Davina: Davina is another name that means ‘beloved’. It is Hebrew in origin. For a slight variation, there is also Davita, which has the same meaning and origin. It can also mean ‘little deer’.
19. Desiree: Desiree is a French word that means ‘desired’ or ‘wished’.
20. Dua: Dua is an Albanian or Arabic name that means ‘love’ or ‘prayer’. It wasn’t popular for a while, but thanks to the singer Dua Lipa, it may get a bigger fanbase soon.
21. Elska: Elska is a name that means ‘love’. It comes from the old Norse language.
22. Eowyn: This is a name that came from Lord of the Rings, and seems to be where the name first appeared. It means ‘horse lover’.
23. Esme: Esme is a name that means ‘beloved’ in French. In Latin, it means ‘esteemed’.
24. Femi: Femi is an Egyptian name that means ‘love’.
25. Fenmore: Fenmore is a name that means ‘dear love’. It has English roots and can be gender-neutral.
26. Filomena: This is a name once popular in Greece that means ‘beloved’. It can also be spelled as Philomena.
27. Freya: Freya is a name that is associated with a goddess. While it doesn’t directly mean love, this goddess is the goddess of beauty, war, death, and love. The name does mean ‘lady’, and ‘noble person’.
28. Grainne: This is an Irish name that means ‘charming’ or ‘love’.
29. Habiba: Habiba is a name from the Arabic language that means ‘loved one’.
30. Halia: Halia is a name that means ‘in remembrance of a loved one’.
31. Idony: Idony is a Norse name. It means ‘love again’ and ‘renewal’. It was also the name of a Norse goddess in charge of spring and eternal youth.
32. Ismay: Also spelled as Esmay, this French name means ‘esteemed’ or ‘beloved’. It is thought to be a variation of Esme.
33. Kalei: Kalei is an English name that seems to have originated in America. It means ‘sweetheart’.
34. Kalila: A slight variation of Kalei, it is an Arabic name that means ‘beloved’. It is Arabic in origin and is also the name of mythical mountain ranges. You can shorten the name to Lila.
35. Kama: Kama means ‘love’ and is Sanskrit.
36. Karensa: Karensa is a Cornish name. It means ‘love’. Karenza is another common spelling of the name.
37. Lennon: Lennon is another gender-neutral name. It means ‘lover’, ‘blackbird’, or ‘cloak’. It is Irish in origin and is common amongst those that are fans of music.
38. Libi: Libi is a name that means ‘my heart’ or ‘my beloved’. It is a Hebrew name.
39. Ludmila: This is a Slavic name that means ‘beloved of the people’.
40. Mabel: Mabel is a name that means ‘lovable’. It has faded out of popularity but was fairly common a few generations ago. It comes from the name Amabel. Mabli is a Welsh variation of Mabel and means ‘loveable’.
41. Maite: Maite is a Basque name that means ‘beloved’. It is incredibly popular in Chile and the rest of Spanish-speaking countries.
42. Mariana: Mariana, also spelled as Marianna means ‘beloved’ or ‘drop of the sea’.
43. Maryam: This is a Hebrew name that has the meaning ‘beloved’, ‘bitter’, or ‘drop of the sea’. It is a slightly more unique version of Mary.
44. Mila: This is an incredibly popular name that means ‘beloved’. There are alternative names that share the same meaning, including Mariella, Marielle, Marietta, and Maribelle. Mila may also be short for Milena which is Czech and means ‘love’, ‘warmth’, and ‘grace’. It is a popular name in Slavic countries.
45. Mina: Similar to Mila, this name is popular around the world and has many meanings. Some of the common ones are: ‘love’, ‘blue stone’, ‘south’, ‘joyful’, and even ‘bitter’.
46. Myfanwy: This is a Welsh name that means ‘my lovely little one’. It hasn’t gained popularity due to its difficulty in pronunciation.
47. Nayeli: Nayeli, or Nayali, is a name that means ‘I love you’. It comes from a small Latino community known as the Zapotec. It gained popularity for a while before dying down.
48. Nayla: Also spelled as Naylah is a name that means ‘achiever’ or ‘I love you’.
49. Nemy: Nemy is a name from West Africa that means ‘sweet’.
50. Penda: Penda is a name that originates from parts of Africa. It means ‘beloved’.
51. Pippa: Pippa is a Greek name that means ‘lover of horses’. It is a shortened and more modern version of the name Philippa.
52. Priya: Priya is a name that means ‘loved one’ and comes from Hindu culture. It is traditionally given to baby girls born in the month of August.
53. Rabina: Rabina is a name that means ‘lovable’ or ‘beloved’ in the Nepali language.
54. Shirin: Shirin is a Persian name that means ‘charming’ or ‘sweet’. It is technically a unisex name.
55. Suki: Suki is a name that means ‘loved one’. It may remind people of a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is a name of Japanese origin.
56. Thandi: Thandi is an African name. It means ‘one who loves deeply’.
57. Vashti: Vashti is a Persian name that means ‘lovely’. It was also the name of a Biblical queen who has quickly become a feminine icon for not listening to her husband’s cruel demands.
58. Vida: Vida is a Hebrew name that means ‘beloved’.
59. Yaretzi: This is a name that means ‘you will always be loved’. It is Aztec in origin and didn’t pop back up until 2006 when it made a brief appearance before dying back down. It is mostly popular in Mexico and Mexican communities.

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