List Of 15 Cheapest Birds That Talk

Talking birds are loving, intelligent, playful, and friendly. They are also very easy to maintain compared to dogs, cats, and other pets. However, they may not always be in your budget.

If you are looking for a pet that will greet you with a “Hello” or “Good morning,” here is our list of the top 15 cheapest birds that talk.

15 Cheapest Birds That Talk

1. Budgerigars ($15 to $100)


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Budgerigars are the cheapest talking birds worldwide. They are tiny and are also called parakeets or budgies. These birds are affectionate, playful, intelligent, and do not require a large space.

The species is the proud owner of the Guinness World Record for having the largest vocabulary among birds. A budger called “Puck” had a vocabulary of 1728 words.

However, Budgerigars’ voices are not very clear and defined, so you may find it difficult to understand what they are saying.

2. Cockatiel ($50 to $150)


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Cockatiels are easily identified by the crest on their heads and the orange blush on their cheeks. They are for people who are looking for an avian pet but are on a budget.

The bird is very social and will display its love and affection through kissing and snuggling.

However, they do not have a very extensive vocabulary. They can be taught short phrases like “Hello there”, “Hi”, “I am a good bird”, and the like. But they are often recognized for their ability to mimic household sounds like doorbells, microwaves, alarm clocks, telephones, and ringing tones.

Many even learn to whistle and will learn to whistle entire songs.

3. Pionus Parrot ($200 to $900)

Pionus Parrot

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Also known as blue-headed parrots or blue-headed pionus, the bird features an eye-catching blue head feathering.

It is a laid back and quiet bird that likes to interact with humans. Although it cannot speak very clearly, the bird can learn quite a few words.

But if it is in a household with a lot of noise like screaming children, barking dogs, and other noises, a Pionus can become noisy too, adding to the chaos.

4. Parrotlet ($150 to $400)


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Parrotlet actually means “little parrots”, and their small size has also earned them the nickname “pocket parrots”. They are the smallest of captive-bred parrots; however, they have big personalities.

They come in several varieties, but the most loved ones are blue-winged parrotlets, spectacled parrotlets, Pacific parrotlets, and a few more.

Parrotlets are playful, affectionate, and intelligent and can make great pets when socialized properly. However, they can also become aggressive and highly territorial.

5. Indian Ringneck ($175 – $250)

Indian Ringneck

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The Indian Ringneck is a very clever bird with a vocabulary of more than 500 words. They are very accomplished at talking and can form full sentences.

They talk in their own voice, unlike other birds that mimic human voices. These birds are inexpensive because they are widely available and easy to find.

6. Cockatoo ($175- $250)


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The cockatoo comes in many varieties, but the Umbrella Cockatoo is the most famous one. They love to perform tricks and talk, but they need training to do so. They are large birds and expensive to maintain.

7. Monk Parakeet ($450- $700)


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Also known as the Quaker Parakeet, the bird is a real chatterbox. These birds speak in clear voices and have a spunky personality. They are colorful, playful, energetic, and social, making them amazing house pets. However, it is illegal to have them as pets in some parts of the USA. So, you will have to find out whether your local laws allow you to keep one.

8. Macaw ($700- $1,000)


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Macaws are beautiful birds, but they are not for everyone. They are expressive and mimic human language. They learn the names and words used around them and say them back. Thus, it is important to not use words that you do not want to hear back.

While some of them are easy to maintain, others not so much. Some need fresh fruits and vegetables daily and can get destructive if not cared for properly.

9. Eclectus ($1300- $1500)


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They are medium-sized birds with the most pronounced sexual dimorphism—females are red and males are green. The males are more docile and verbalize more readily.

Along with learning words, an eclectus can mimic the mood and tone of a language. However, how much they learn will depend on how well and how early they begin their training.

10. Yellow Crowned Amazon ($800- $1000)

Crowned Amazon

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The yellow-crowned Amazon, like other Amazons, is a hardy, bossy, and active bird. However, it is the best chatterer among all the Amazons. Its voice is clearer than that of the African Grey Parrots, and there are moments when the bird speaks very loudly and clearly.

11. African Grey ($800- $3600)


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Yes, you read that right. The Einstein of birds, the African Grey, is on the list. The bird is known to have a vocabulary of 200 words, but many researchers are not convinced by the numbers. They believe that the African Grey can learn and speak up to 1000 words. However, you have to wait for the bird to be at least a year old before it starts talking.

12. Derbyan Parakeet ($1,500)


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They are rare and large parakeets that are double the size of a ringneck parakeet. Their talking potential can be graded average. This is because, although they speak very clearly, they do not have very large vocabularies.

The species also exhibits sexual dimorphism, with females having black beaks and males having reddish-orange beaks. Also, they need training and socialization at an early age; however, training them is not easy.

13. Senegal Parrots ($600 to $800)

Senegal Parrots

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They are quiet yet affectionate. The bird is playful and intelligent, and it requires daily interaction with the owner. These birds thrive on socialization and can mimic sounds and speech when trained consistently. Also, they are chewers, so you will have to provide them with plenty of toys.

14. Blue-Crowned Conure ($500- $1000)


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While Conures are recognized for not being too talkative, the blue-crowned Conure is an exception. Besides mimicking ringing bells, telephonic rings, and beeping of an alarm clock like its siblings, the blue-crowned Conure can also learn short phrases and sentences.

Conures are quite vocal, especially in the mornings and evenings, so they may not sit well with your neighbors.

15. Caique ($750- $1250)


Image source: Pinterest

Caiques are beautiful birds that have become very popular in the last few years. They are somewhat noisy, but not excessively so, and are suitable for apartment living. While they mostly vocalize through songs and whistles, Caiques can also learn to speak a few words.

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