• Essential oils against yeasts and moulds causing food spoilage

    In foodstuffs with low pH, low water activity, or high carbohydrate content spoilage bacteria are, with some exception, usually not present because this environment is unfavourable for their growth. Food-spoilage yeasts and moulds, however, can grow under these circumstances and cause deterioration of various products, such as fruit and vegetable juices and purees, soft drinks, pickled vegetables, dairy products, bread,…

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  • A challenge to mushroom growers: the green mould disease of cultivated champignons

    The aim of this minireview is to give an overview of the literature about the green mould disease of cultivated champignons (Agaricus bisporus) caused by Trichoderma species. The first significant green mould epidemic appeared in Northern Ireland in 1985, which was quickly followed by subsequent outbreaks in several countries. The symptoms of green mould appear as large patches of compost…

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