Essential oils

  • essential oils for anxiety

    4 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety 2019 updated

    Introduction We all are over thinkers and this capability of ours to over think almost every time causes anxiety. One experiences anxiety, panic attack and paranoia when in stress (with over thinking as icing). Many gurus will tell you ways to stop (literally stop) over thinking, but truth be told you cannot really control anxiety. In recent times, aromatherapy is…

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  • essential oils for colds

    7 Best Essential Oils for Colds

    Introduction As seasons keep changing intermittently, we subject ourselves to plethora of hungry influenza, bacteria and viruses that may infest our immune system and cause diseases such as cold, cough, fever etc. There are times, when we leave no stone unturned to take care of ourselves and still end up getting sick. Relying on medications for quick treatment is never…

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