Energy Book Series #1

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Table of Contents
  Solar Energy and Related Topics
Analysis of impact of distributed generation in a distribution grid by the use of photovoltaic generators
M. F. da Silveira, J. B. Dias and J. V. C. dos Santos
Design of Low Bandgap Conjugated Polymers for Organic Solar Cell Application
Qiang Peng, Tao Liang and Kui Feng
Efficiency improvement of crystalline silicon solar cells
M. Al-Amin and A. Assi
Energy storage: Preparations and physicochemical properties of solid-liquid Phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Daolin Gao and Tianlong Deng
Evaluation of energy produced by grid-connected photovoltaic systems in Porto Alegre - Brazil
C.H. Rossa, J. B. Dias and G.A.M. Karnas
Features of the nanostructured materials for solar energy application: Increased charge carrier mobility
High efficiency heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer solar cell: A short review
S. M. Iftiquar,Youngseok Lee, Vinh Ai Dao, Sangho Kim and Junsin Yi
High performance and stability of chemically modified graphene oxide organic solar cells
Hyeong Pil Kim, Abd. Rashid bin Mohd Yusoff and Jin Jang
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Cells: A Technical Review
Pervez Hameed Shaikh, Nursyarizal Bin Mohd. Nor, Irraivan Elamvazuthi and
Perumal Nallagownden
Minimizing Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks using Solar Powered sensors
Maryam El azhari, Rachid Latif, Ahemd Toumanari
Optimum Locations for Photovoltaic Life Cycle
Kotaro Kawajiri
Photovoltaic materials and solar power plant optimization design in relation to its environmental impact
R. D. Piacentini, J. A. Schmidt, N. Budini, M. Vega, E. Giandoménico, N. Feldman and R. Buitrago
Photovoltaics Based on Semiconductor Powders
Dieter Meissner
Recent Advanced Materials for Mesoporous Sensitized Solar Cells
Getachew Alemu, Kun Cao, Mingkui Wang, Yan Shen
Solar cooking figures of merit. Extension to heat storage
A. Lecuona, J. I. Nogueira, C. Vereda and R. Ventas
Solar Thermosyphon
Himanshu Dehra
Thermal relaxations and transitions in EVA encapsulant material during photovoltaic module encapsulation process
K. Agroui and G.Collins
  Biomass – Biofuels and Related Topics
A computational fluid dynamic study on the behaviour of sugarcane bagasse suspension in pipe and baffled pipe
A. González Quiroga, E.L Martínez, A.C Costa and R. Maciel Filho
A predictive model for the determination of some densification characteristics of corncob briquettes
J. T. Oladeji and C. C. Enweremadu
Agricultural waste products as a valuable source of renewable energy
M. Owczuk, D. Wardzińska, A. Zamojska-Jaroszewicz and A. Matuszewska
Alternative fuel production using heterogeneous catalysis in a closed reactor
Viomar, A. L. Gallina, E. do Prado Banczek and P. R. P. Rodrigues
An Analysis on the Opportunities, Technology and Potential of Biomass Residues for Energy Production in Portugal
Valter Silva, Eliseu Monteiro and Abel Rouboa
Analysis of gases released in the glycerin microbiological fermentation in dextrose medium
H. W. Herrmann, G. Kovalski, R. Caparica, A. L. Gallina, C. B. Fürstenberger and P. R. P. Rodrigues
Application of Molybdenum Catalysts in Biorefinery
A. Malinowski
Aspen plus simulation of biomass gasification in a steam blown dual fluidised bed
W. Doherty, A. Reynolds and D. Kennedy
Biocomponents and their effect on the aging process in a fuel storage
K. Biernat, M. Skolniak and P. Bukrejewski
Biodiesel production from natural resources via supercritical fluid extraction and catalytic transesterification reaction
Maliheh Mir and Seyyed M. Ghoreishi
Biodiesel Production from Non Food Crops: A Step towards Self Reliance in Energy
M. Ahmad, L. K. Teong, S. Sultana and M. Zafar
Biodiesel production: process and characterization
N.L. Da Silva, L.F. Rios, M.R. Wolf Maciel and R. Maciel Filho
Determination of biodiesel commercial mixer reaction kinetics
L. A. C. Matos, A. B. Brugnera, E. P. Banczek and P. R. P. Rodrigues
Exploitation of biomass energy technologies (BETs) for sustainable future: A review
Shazia Sultana, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah and Mushtaq Ahmad
Gasification of biomass in supercritical water (SCWG)
A. Möbius, N. Boukis and J. Saue
Jatrofa Seeds; oil and biodiesel quality: nutrients and potentially toxic elements determined by mass spectroscopy inductively coupled plasma
M. N. C. Harder; E. C. M. Duarte; L. L. S. Barros; P. B. Maciel; C. H. Abreu Jr.; F. C. A. Villanueva and V. Arthur
Lipid production by Yarrowia lipolytica for biofuels
M. N. C. Harder; A. S. Delabio; S. Cazassa; R. R. Remedio; J. A. Pires; T. R. R. Monteiro and V. Arthur
Materials technological challenges for the biodiesel industry development in Mexico
Marcos Alberto Coronado Ortega, Gisela Montero Alpírez, Amir Eliezer, Conrado García González, Jesús Cerezo Román, Laura Janet Pérez Pelayo, José Ramón Ayala Bautista
Methyl Esters of Different Origin as a Fuel for Compression-Ignition Engines
S. Kruczynski, K. Kolodziejczyk, P. Orlinski, M. Owczuk
Microbiological fermentation of glycerol to obtain alcohol in tryptose culture medium
G. Kovalski, H. W. Herrmann, A. L. Gallina, R. Caparica, C. B. Fürstenberger and P. R. P. Rodrigues
Molecular mechanisms for detoxification of major aldehyde inhibitors for production of bioethanol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae from hot-compressed water-treated lignocellulose
Lahiru N. Jayakody, Nobuyuki Hayashi and Hiroshi Kitagaki
Nickel functionalized mesostructured cellular foam (MCF) silica as a catalyst for solventless deoxygenation of palmitic acid to produce diesel-like hydrocarbons
Lilis Hermida, Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah and Abdul Rahman Mohamed
Optimization of production variables of biodiesel using calcium oxide as a heterogeneous catalyst: an optimized process
Hilary Rutto and Christopher Enweremadu
Possibilities of Argentina to produce biokerosene for aviation under sub-humid dry to arid areas
S. Falasca, A. Ulberich and C.Waldman
Production of ethanol from jerivá, Syagrus romanzoffiana
G. A. R. Maia, D. Borsato, P. R. P. Rodrigues, M. E. Payret Arrúa, P. H. Weirich Neto,
S. M. Kurchaidt, A. C. Antunes, J. A. A. Pereira and S. R. M. Antunes
Progress in liquid biofuel and biohydrogen from agro-industrial wastes by clostridia
Mohamed Hemida Abd-Alla, Ahmed Abdel-salam Issa, Fatthy Mohamed Morsy and Magdy Khalil Bagy
Properties of bioethanol - diesel oil mixtures
A. Matuszewska, M. Odziemkowska and J. Czarnocka
Prospects of using bioenergy crop Miscanthus × giganteus in Serbia
Ž. Dželetović, N. Mihailović and I. Živanović
The Brazilian technology of fuel ethanol fermentation – yeast inhibition factors and new perspectives to improve the technology
Pedro de Oliva-Neto, Claudia Dorta, Ana Flavia Azevedo Carvalho, Valeria Marta Gomes de Lima, Douglas Fernandes da Silva
The potential for sustainable bioethanol production in Serbia: available biomass and new production approaches
L. Mojović, S. Nikolić, D. Pejin, J. Pejin, A. Djukić-Vuković, S. Kocić-Tanackov, V. Semenčenko
The two-stage technology of biomass conversion into synthesis gas
V.V. Kosov, V.F. Kosov, V.A. Sinelshchikov and V.M. Zaichenko
The use of thermally modified koalin as a heterogeneous catalyst for producing biodiesel
Hilary Rutto
Thermal events during the combustion of agricultural and forestry lopping residues
A. Garcia-Maraver, L.C. Terron, M. Zamorano, A.F. Ramos-Ridao
Thermodynamics of Thermal Biomass Processing
E. Rostek and K. Biernat
Valorisation of glycerol into biofuel additives over heterogeneous catalysts
J. Farinha, M. Caiado and J. E. Castanheiro
Hydrogen storage in boron nitride and carbon nanomaterials studied by TG/DTA and molecular orbital calculations
Takeo Oku
Hydrogen: Value Chain and its Challenges as a Future Fuel
Shikha Jain, Sonal Singh, Avanish K. Tiwari and M R. Nouni
Role of sodium hydroxide for hydrogen gas production and storage
Sushant Kumar, Surendra K. Saxena
The use of stainless steel 254 to produce hydrogen
A. L. Gallina, B. V. Dias and P. R. P. Rodrigues
  Fuel Cells
Anodic Catalyst Design for the Ethanol Oxidation Fuel Cell Reactions
Xiaowei Teng
Composite Electrolytes and electrodes for Intermediate Temperature Hybrid Fuel Cells
S. Rajesh, D. A. Macedo and Rubens M. Nascimento
Modeling of durability of polyelectrolyte membrane of O2/H2 fuel cell
Vadim V. Atrazhev and Sergei F. Burlatsky
Modelling of ammonia-fed solid oxide fuel cells
Denver F. Cheddie
Nanotechnology for improving solid oxide fuel cells
R. Pinedo, I. Ruiz de Larramendi, N. Ortiz-Vitoriano, D. Jimenez de Aberasturi and T. Rojo
  Wind Power. Hydropower. Geothermal Energy
Analysis of Reactive Power Capability for Doubly-Fed Induction Generator of Wind Energy Systems Using an Optimal Reactive Power Flow
E. A. Belati, A. J. Sguarezi Filho, M. B. C. Salles
Combined-Type Continuous Variable Transmission with Quadric Crank Chains and One-Way Clutches for Wind Power Generation
Toshihiro Yukawa, Taisuke Takahashi and Shuzo Ohshima
Methods for investigating the statistical structure of the surface layer wind field – taking Hungary as an example
Károly Tar
Power converters for wind turbines: Current and future development
Md Rabiul Islam, Youguang Guo, and Jianguo Zhu
Simulation Study of Squirrel Cage Induction Generator Fed by a Back-to- Back Converter and by using a LCL filter
Vital P. Batista Júnior, R. V. Jacomini, A. J. Sguarezi Filho
Study of the effect of fixed-pitch wind turbine blades on energy production in wind farms
Á.M. Costa, J.A. Orosa, Feliciano Fraguela and Rebeca Bouzón
Wind measurement technologies
J. Blackledge, B. Kearney, D. Kearney, K. O’Connell and B. Norton
Advances in the modelling and control of micro hydro power stations applied on self-excited induction generators based on hydraulic turbine nonlinear model
Lucas Giuliani Scherer, Claiton Moro Franchi and Robinson Figueiredo de Camargo
Hydropower revisited
B. Nsom, J. F. Dorville and K. Bouchlagem
Heat Propagation around Geothermal Piles and Implications on Energy Balance
C. Arson, E. Berns, G. Akrouch, M. Sanchez, J.-L. Briaud
  Energy-Efficient Buildings. Energy Saving and Sustainability
Bring free light to buildings: overview of daylighting system
Tzu-Yu Huang, Hong Hocheng, Ta-Hsin Chou and Wen-Hsien Yang
Building energy efficiency: a value approach for modelling retrofit materials supply chains
Niall P. Dunphy, John E. Morrissey and Rosemarie D. Mac Sweeney
Daylighting and hybrid ventilation in commercial buildings: Assessing window area, potential for electricity savings and daylighting performance
Ricardo Forgiarini Rupp and Enedir Ghisi
Distributed polygeneration: desiccant-based air handling units interacting with microcogeneration systems
G. Angrisani, C. Roselli, M. Sasso
Energetic hybrid systems for residential use
Mustapha Hatti, Nachida Kasbadji Merzouk and Achour Mahrane
Energy resource integration in a sustainable planning approach
André Luiz Veiga Gimenes, Miguel Edgar Morales Udaeta and Luiz Claudio Ribeiro Galvão
Germany’s Energy Journey - The German Energy Strategy in the Context of the German Green Economy Approach
H. Schlör, W. Fischer, J.-Fr. Hake
Industry-wise analysis of waste heat from factories in the Shikoku region, Japan, to enable optimum waste heat usage in future
Satoru Okamoto
Innovative polymer based materials within the facade envelope assembly of buildings
Mirjana Miletic
Integrated heat recovery system with wind-catcher for building applications: towards energy-efficient technologies
A. Mardiana, S. B. Riffat and M. Worall
The role of materials in the energy efficient retrofitting of traditional buildings
D.K. Serghides and M.C. Katafygiotou
Thermochromic Thin Films: Synthesis, Properties and Energy Consumption Modelling
M. Saeli, C. Piccirillo, M.E.A. Warwick, R. Binions
Unconventional techniques for energy conservation in textile wet processing
Dr. S. R. Shah and Dr. J. N. Shah
  Nuclear Energy
A resting bottom fast reactor
Didier Costes
Molten salt reactors
M.K.M. Ho, G. H. Yeoh and G. Braoudakis
Piezonuclear reactions and DST-reactions
Gianni Albertini, Vittorio Calbucci, Fabio Cardone and Andrea Petrucci
  Electricity: Generation and Distribution. Thermoelectricity
Current status of electricity generation in the world
Igor Pioro and Pavel Kirillov
Current status of electricity generation at thermal power plants
Igor Pioro and Pavel Kirillov
Current status of electricity generation at nuclear power plants
Igor Pioro and Pavel Kirillov
Generation IV Nuclear Reactors as a Basis for Future Electricity Production in the World
Igor Pioro and Pavel Kirillov
Influence of surrounding metal installations on the parameters of electric-power lines passing through urban and suburban areas
Ljubivoje M. Popović
Lead telluride based thermoelectrics: approaches for higher efficiency
P. K. Rawat, B. Paul, and P. Banerji
Mesoporous Structure for Thermoelectrics
Hyung-Ho Park, Sin-Young Jung, Min-Hee Hong and Chang-Sun Park
  Nanomaterials for Energy
Metal oxides for photoinduced hydrogen production and dye-sensitized solar cell applications
A. E. H. Machado; A. O. T. Patrocinio; M. D. França; L. M. Santos; K. A. Borges; L. F. Paula
Nanostrutured MoS2 particles as a novel hydrogen evolving catalyst integrated in a PV-hybrid electrolyzer
D. Stellmach, P. Bogdanoff, O.Gabriel, B. Stannowski, R. Schlattman, R. van de Krol and S. Fiechter
New modification routes of hierarchical TiO2 nanotube films for enhanced photoresponse
A. Jagminas
Optical properties of layered GaSe and InSe crystals intercalated with hydrogen-containing molecules of toluene, water and alcohol. Comparative study
Yu.I. Zhirko, N.A. Skubenko and Z.D. Kovalyuk
Polymer-supported organic-inorganic nanomaterials: fabrication, characterization and environmental application
Qingrui Zhang and Tifeng Jiao
TiO2/graphene nanocomposite for photocatalytic application
Xuan Pan, Yong Zhao, Shu Wang, and Zhaoyang Fan
  Other Topics
Carbon Dioxide Post-Combustion Capture: Solvent Technologies Overview, Status and Future Directions
Mohammad R. M. Abu-Zahra, Zeina Abbas, Prachi Singh, Paul Feron
Technical, environmental and economic assessment of CO2 absorption chemical process integration in the power plant technologies
C. F. Dinca
Premixed Combustion of Hydrogen and Syngas Fuels in Gas Turbine Combustors
Onur Tuncer
Used tires as a raw material for the production of alternative fuels in the WtL processes
K. Biernat